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Know your sexual compatibility on the basis of your Zodiac!

Know your sexual compatibility on the basis of your Zodiac!

Know your sexual compatibility on the basis of your Zodiac!

At times, no matter how precisely you try to read someone’s eyes or the sound of their voice or their smiles, you fail to draw a compatibility with them. You must have observed that sometimes you effortlessly harmonize with some people while some give you a very tough time. In this article, we will cover the sexual compatibility of every zodiac sign. This will help you combat your confusions the next time you plan to hook up with someone. So find out below which are the zodiacs that are compatible with yours.

Know your sexual compatibility on the basis of your Zodiac!

  1. ARIES

Aries are very assertive and aggressive sexually. They look for immediate gratification when it comes to sex. They are impatient and won’t spend time waiting for you. Their vigor and energy is hard to deal with and they like taking things at their own pace which is generally very liberating and you may end up having a rough but pleasurable sex. They best establish their compatibility with LEO, LIBRA, GEMINI AND SCORPIO.



Taurus is a zodiac that is more bent towards the sensual side than romance. They love to be stimulated and they crave for absolute attention from their partners. They do not like compromising with positions and they hate to waste energy. They are best suited with SCORPIO, CANCER, VIRGO AND CAPRICORN.



Easy going and fun loving, Gemini’s are nasty in bed. They like to have dirty talks, look smoking hot and make love in the strangest of people. They are fearless when it is about sexual experiments and they would even risk having sex in public. They are not shy in bed and like to keep themselves limitless. Their best compatibility is with  SAGITTARIUS, ARIES, GEMINI AND AQUARIUS.



Cancer’s creative minds are always brimming with sensuality and they like turning sex into a lustful experience. They love oral stimulation and they overflow with positive energy in bed. They are compatible with TAURUS, LEO, CAPRICORN AND PISCES.


  1. LEO

Know your sexual compatibility on the basis of your Zodiac!

They are famous to be one of the most passionate lovers in bed. They enjoy emotional chemistry and like consistency of the intimacy that two people share. They love when foreplay is about trying new things and two people participate equally in it. They are best congruent with SCORPIO, SAGITTARIUS, ARIES AND LEO.


  1. VIRGO

Beaming with high energy and zeal, they love massaged. They dislike unorganized sex. They like being intimate with people who do not set boundaries and are open to innovations. They appreciate when their partners listen to their suggestions and make efforts to please them. They like things well-designed. Their best compatibility is with TAURUS, LIBRA, PISCES AND CAPRICORN


  1. LIBRA

No one can beat a Libra when it comes to excellent taste. They have the warmth and they know how to seduce someone in bed so much so that you won’t be able to resist them. They like mental stimulation and love hot lingerie and good music. Their compatibility sets with ARIES, GEMINI, LEO AND SAGITTARIUS.



Known for their power and controlling nature, Scorpions are too hot in bed. They are extremely fond of sexual texting and strong emotions. They wont settle for mediocrity and are compatible with TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO AND PISCES.



They are wanderers and explorers. It is very hard to tame them. Their free spirits makes them sensuous and they understand their partner’s sexual needs very well. They are charming and spontaneous in bed and are very affectionate. They are best compatible with LEO, ARIES, GEMINI AND AQUARIUS.

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Know your sexual compatibility on the basis of your Zodiac!

They are emotional and voluptuous lovers but they do not like PDA. Their sexual stamina is commendable and something to crave for. They are impressed by thick thighs and good arm strength. They like setting up the mood and making things appear sexy. They are compatible with CANCER, TAURUS, CAPRICORN AND VIRGO.



They are overtly sexual and like taking things higher than normal level. They are enthusiastic and like unconventional ways of making love. The love oral stimulation and a passionate kiss is most likely to turn them on. They are compatible with SAGITTARIUS, GEMINI, AQUARIUS AND VIRGO.



They are hardcore romantics and their playful nature makes the whole sexual experience even more interesting. They are starry-eyed while they make love and the do not like taking breaks. They enjoy every single touch and are fabulous in climaxing together. They understand your needs easily and like it when you try wild things. They are compatible with SCORPIO, VIRGO, CANCER AND LIBRA.


Things might not work in ways that you thought of and you may not get everything you want. There is no simple way to know a person’s sexual emotions fully. These are general behavior of each zodiac that may help you less complicate things in your sex life and give you a brief picture of how your zodiac adjusts its agreements with other zodiac signs.


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