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6 Little things he likes

6 Little things he likes

Little Things He Likes

Little Things He Likes

Beside some cleavage and skin, guys like the unintentional, little things that girls do. It’s not that girls have to learn these things to get his attention but it runs in their blood and comes all too naturally. Girls can be too dramatic at times while at others, they can be spooky and mysterious. Guys love such things about girls and why not, if they didn’t, all men would have sprinted up the hill by now. A guy can be a simple, serious and a focused man but a girl’s actions can always find ways to distract him.

Without much tirade, let’s talk about those things that guys love about girls!

The look

Every man gives her lady ‘that look’ that melts her heart away. So is the case with women! When she returns his gaze with equal intensity and fire, he gets turned on and he finds it pleasing. This trait of a girl comes naturally in her, they (you) don’t have to stare at him to death!

The small petite things

6 Little things he likes

Small things of a girl such as her long rants about things she dislikes, crossing her hands below her bust, rolling her eyes,the way she eats her meal, licks her ice cream etc. tempts men. Guys find it extremely cute! Even the way you curl your hair with your fingers or bite your lips while you’re nervous makes him fall for you more. So girls, don’t shy away with your habits. Just be who you are. Be natural!

The little romance

Yes! The most charming things of all, the sweet little moments you share are the most memorable ones! He likes it when you straighten his collar or mess with his hair. He likes it when you support your head on his shoulders, he loves it when your hands nestle around his torso. He just loves the eye contacts and when your mutual silence speaks. Enticing!

The way she dresses up for him

6 Little things he likes

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Guys hate it when you keep them waiting. It’s really annoying for anyone to wait! It makes them think you don’t value their time and you’re not disciplined. But girls have their own ways. When you arrive in your little dress or in your normal jeans and Tee or whatever looking beautiful, he is perplexed if he should be furious or express his attraction. He chooses the latter and finds it mesmerizing when you dress up for him and show up, though somewhat late.

The confidence

A girl radiating confidence is a girl perceived Sexy! Poised girls walking on high heels, looking right in the eye and talking confidently arouses a man. A guy dreams of an optimistic girl hopeful for a brighter future not a girl who lacks self-respect and can bear all the torture in the world. Sometimes girls are clumsy but that’s all right.

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The fear

Guys like when girls ask them to kill a spider or when she screams while watching a horror movie. It urges him to protect you and make you feel his strong presence around you. It makes him feel wanted and special. Girls shouldn’t be afraid of being afraid. Know what I mean?



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