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Women Aren’t Property

Women Aren’t Property


Since time immemorial, women have been objectified. They have been treated like mere property. For the first half of her life, she has to do what her parents command her to do, in the second-half, she is handed over to a known or unknown family, where she lives following the rules and regulations of her in-laws and spouse.

Women are subjected to innumerable atrocities. Starting from domestic abuse, rape, to even being trafficked. How unfair! Firstly, you are made to live by somebody else’s agenda. Secondly, you are exposed to the dangers of being sold, abducted, raped and even married. I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but getting married to a stranger is not half as bad as being sold to one that is probably going to sell you to another, but why are we the victims of such bleak futures whilst men live so care free?

In this video, a beautiful young woman, wakes up beside a man, goes to the shower and starts washing herself. A few seconds later, under the shower, appear globules of blood on the glass-door and blue-black bruises on her back, water and crimson running down the drain. She steps out and the man leaves after handing her the payment, while she stares coldly at him accepting his money.

This video opens our eyes to the evils of the society, sending a subtle message, ‘There is more behind the beauty’. Yes, there is more to a woman than her face. There is a story behind those sad, pretty eyes.

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Prostitutes are human beings too. The fact that you are paying for a service, does not make her a commodity. Beating her up to satisfy your ego is a cowardice act. So stop treating women like property that can be sold and bought, handed over and returned, used and thrown at your pleasure. Stop women-trafficking!

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