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One-sided love? Here’s what you should do!

One-sided love? Here’s what you should do!

One-sided love? Here's what you should do!


One-sided love? Here's what you should do!

Never feeling the aroma of love is an unfortunate thing to happen. But having a thing for someone who doesn’t love you back is even worse. Those butterflies in your stomach as soon as you see him and those pangs in the heart when they don’t pay you the attention you’ve cravings for, are beyond your control. One-sided love might be a sweet, exciting thing as long as it remains to be an infatuation only but once it becomes an obsession, things get uglier beyond your imaginations. You may have many questions like how to forget one-sided love and how to control one-sided love? If it’s crystal clear that you could get him in your dreams only, then you surely need to MOVE ON and throw him out of your mind right now!

What to do in one-sided love?


One-sided love? Here's what you should do!

Face That He’s Somebody Else’s Property!

One of the reasons why that person could never be your knight in shining armor might be his commitment to somebody else. If he’s already taken, you seriously need to move out of this imaginary love zone as soon as possible. The best way to do so is to face the truth and accept it. Doesn’t matter how much it hurts, try to witness them together so that you know that it’s never going to work out. Look at their pictures and keep this fact in your mind that a single wrong step taken by you would destroy someone’s love nest. You cannot gain or lose something you never had……. so, better stop making useless efforts.

Recognize The Other Aims Of Your Life!

Life never revolves around just one person even though you think it does, for the time being. Explore the other important goals in your life and lend your time to something constructive. It could be anything or anyone that loves you back; your career, your hobbies, your family, your friends and so on. Past haunts us only when we’ve nothing to get ourselves engrossed in. Get yourself busy and his memories would vanish soon. Trust me!


Keep Distance!

The best way to forget someone is to stop roaming around him for first. If he’s a friend, try to avoid having conversations with him especially when just the two of you are there. If you’d continue to spend private moments with him, your feelings would continue to bloom. If he’s not a good friend already, cut all possible connections with him to stop yourself from looking desperate. Nobody could forget her secret crush if his pictures pop up before her eyes everyday. Sometimes, distance plays anti-cupid and erases unwanted names from our hearts.


You’re Someone’s One-Sided Love too…Don’t Forget!

One-sided love? Here's what you should do!

Another way to deal with this situation is to step into his shoes first. Try to think over all those incidents happened so far where it was you who didn’t feel the same way for men falling at your feet. He won’t give a damn about your emotions just like you don’t for your secret admirers. Aren’t those men just a hot topic for you to gossip with your girlfriends?? Stop yourself from being one such hot topic for him too. Your hopes are ultimately going to shatter just like that of those people having one-sided feelings for you. Do you want to fall into the same list? I’m sure you don’t!


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Loving someone who doesn’t love you in return… is like trying to fly with a broken wing. Asking your heart to stop beating for him is not going to be a cakewalk, we know of course. But it isn’t even impossible, we know that too. One should never forget that she is worth it, even if the person from whom she desperately wants to hear this line, doesn’t say it at all!


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