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5 Pro-networking tips to game up your social life

5 Pro-networking tips to game up your social life

Pro-networking tips to game up your social life

Pro-networking tips to game up your social life


Social life is a very integral part of our lives and today, success is mapped when you are able to make your presence felt in your social showground. In case of professional advancements, keeping your game high on your social skills plays a pivotal role. Not knowing how to break the ice at a social event is almost equivalent to committing professional suicide. Here are some of the effective ways in which you can network expertly at an event or a social gathering and give your career an elevation.



Events are a great way to network and to get work. Knowing which chords to strike at an event can be very beneficial for you and so you should do your research before attending the event. Get to know who all are going to be there at the event and who you want to meet. Check out the Facebook page of the event (if any) or read the event programme thoroughly and determine who all will be there.



Pro-networking tips to game up your social life

You must know what you want to say before meeting someone. Be adept about the opening lines as they are fateful and has a great deal of importance in leaving a good impression. Say for instance, ‘Sir, would you be willing to speak to me for a minute if I could help you make a profit of almost 20%?’ Brief and to the point talks always impress the other person and help you network confidently.



Whether your meetings turn good or bad, it has a lot to do with the environment in which the meeting takes place. Set up the meeting in places which are not rigid and where the other person can open up. Places like bar aren’t a good option but instead a restaurant can be a great place as people are likely to open to conversations when they are around food. [Read: How to appear approachable to men?]



Now this one can work wonders for you. Getting introduced by someone is very impactful as it leaves an impression that you are productive and talented which is why someone is vouching for you. Take help from your colleague or pitch the right person for an introduction and tell them to give a piece of your background so that the other person is interested in having a conversation with you.



Pro-networking tips to game up your social life

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Yes! This is a very useful piece of advice. In the urge to get the attention or to impress the other person, generally, people overdo things. This damages a lot more than trying to do nothing, so be wise and choose being authentic. This will help you build a long lasting and trustworthy relationship with the person.


Effective networking is feasible with the above mentioned steps and you should practice it next time you attend a meeting and see how things change for you. Foremost, you need to be decisive about your goals and intentions at the event. Not all events or gatherings are to game up your professional social life as some can be purely based on learning and volunteering. Do not discard such meet-ups as they also can be heavily rewarding and a great learning experience for you!



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