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Spring fashion trends 2014

Spring fashion trends 2014

Once the renowned designer, Coco Chanel remarked, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” This is so true. Time has changed and so have the fashion trends. Years back, style was nobody’s lookout. But now, there has been a revolution in the fashion world. Cynics often frown at the idea of fad or fashion owing to their transitory nature. They forget one thing which is, “change is the only constant in life.” It is through constant changes that a unique product is created. That’s why we share the fashion trends 2014 with you:

Be it in workplace or a party or a simple hang-out with friends, any person whether a woman or a man is advised to look appropriate. Agreed that clothes are not everything but they do contribute a lot to your person especially at a social event. Hence the aim of every woman should be to look simple but presentable. Keeping in mind the current style quotient, international fashion magazine Vogue has identified a few looks which are doing the rounds this season:


  • Dominant colours

Since spring is considered to be the most pleasant of all seasons, there is no harm in experimenting with colors. Fashion trends 2014 includes vivid colors.  You can wear simple floral prints to multi-colored fabrics and jungle prints. Colors like pink, peach, blue, ash, beige as well bright colors like red and orange and neon dominate the chart.

  • Cuts and fabrics

The overall idea is to fit into loose attires to give out an easy going feel. Printed cotton trousers and baggy three quarters are the ‘in’ things. Laced and cotton fabrics are much in use this season. A-line dresses and the knee length skirts are the order of the day. Models have also showcased shiny and shimmery dresses ready for parties and night-outs. Halter-neck dresses have made a come-back. Designers are using a lot of silk to create glittering dresses.


  • Style check this spring

When it comes to fashion, you should be a trend-setter rather than a trend-follower. Realizing this, world-famous designers have flaunted their special spring collection on ramp. Attires range from gorgeous to simple. However a lot depends on how you can carry yourself. Excerpts of some of the stylish ensemble this season are:


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  • Bold coloured dresses

From short dresses to knee-length and full length maxi dresses, everything has a bold and radiant finish. You can wear a neon blue full length gown in a party and be the talking point! Pretty pink floral printed short dresses are also very much in vogues.

  • Flowery attires

If you are going on a picnic or a long drive with friends, nothing could be a better choice than razor-back T-shirt with loose pants with a brown base and pink and blue floral prints! You can also team up a dark coloured belt with red florals. If you want to go bold, you can wear a printed tight fit backless short dress.

  • Lacy beauty

Crochet and lace remain the hot favorites of designers. Nothing can look more ethereal as an asymmetrical short skirt with a laced top does! Laces look the best in white.

Apart from these broad classifications, there are also some other trendy looks around the corner like shiny dresses, sporty wear, long lining apparels, spring coats etc.

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