6 Things not to say to an upset partner

Things not to say to an upset partner

Things not to say to an upset partner

Men are tricky when it comes to dealing with hard times. Their reactions and style of dealing a hardship is very different from one another unlike most women who ease out after binging some chocolate bars. If your boyfriend is having a bad day or is upset over a matter, then here are few things that you should never say to him.

  • ‘I think it’s your fault’

Being straightforward might work suitably at times but if your boyfriend is really frustrated over something, even if it is a result of his own carelessness you must never be clear-cut. Wait for him to calm down and then have a healthy discussion wherein you can politely make him understand his mistakes and help him with ways to overcome it.

You might want to shower the love and care you have for him all at once when he is upset but that isn’t always the best way to make him feel better. Sometimes he might just want to be alone and sort things out on his own. So, analyse the situation and act accordingly.

  • ‘Come lets go for a party’


If your boyfriend likes spending lone time when he is upset, then this could be the disastrous thing to say to him. Inviting loads of friend or forcing him to accompany you for a party downtown isn’t always a good idea. Let him have his own leisure time to get over the situation.


  • ‘I think it’s the best time to get Kinky’

Sex isn’t always the solution for men. Sex or intimacy may make him irritated at times and doing that can make things worse. If you push him towards intimacy making him feel that it is the only way then chances are he will back away.


  • ‘I think you want space from me’


This line is detrimental and by saying this you aren’t helping him but instead feeding him more mental turbulence. You need to understand that he is already dealing with his own problems and in the middle of the hassle, infusing your tantrums isn’t a good idea. If you think he is seeking distance from you then diligently respect the demand and give him his space to recover.


  • ‘Am I failing as a Girlfriend?’

This again is yet another thing that you should never say to your partner if he is upset. Just because you are unable to make him smile or happy at the moment does not mean you are flawed. Putting up such questions will backfire and he might assume that you actually are failing as a girlfriend. He might not say that to you upfront but you need to understand that in such times he expects some real support and care from his lady and not a desperate attention seeking person.


  • ‘Things happen for a reason, everything will be fine’


If the issue is a minor one because of which he is upset like he has lost his tennis match or something alike, then he might recover pretty effortlessly. But if he is undergoing a major family crisis or is dealing with the death of a member then saying that everything is going to be okay when you know nothing soon is going to be all right is stupid and  not at all thoughtful from your side. This will not only annoy him but will make him even more disturbed.



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