This is a story of a cancer-survivor

This is a story of a cancer-survivor

The video begins with a woman holding and staring at a frame with a picture of herself and her husband together. Young, happy, alive, with dark lustrous hair cascading down her shoulders. Suddenly, the alarm shrieks and she comes out of her reverie. Gets up from the bed, her husband still fast asleep, wakes her daughter up, plays with her and begins to prepare for the day.

Standing in the kitchen, making breakfast, she unconsciously takes her hands toward her scalp in the motion of tying her hair when she suddenly realizes she has none.

While she convinces her daughter to eat, full of energy and love, her husband looks proudly at her and smiles. Smiles at her zeal, smiles at her strength, smiles at her brave and beautiful soul. He opens his mouth to be fed too, as an endearing joke.

She sends her daughter off to school, and starts getting ready for the first day of work. She puts on several ensembles but settles for none. She tries to wrap her bare scalp with a scarf, but then dismisses the idea altogether. Finally, she wears a saree and when she is about to put on her bindi, her husband arrives and takes it from her. He places it on the side of her forehead, so that no evil befalls her. It’s the Indian way of protecting one from all evils, so that no misfortune falls upon them.

When she enters work-place, her friend greets her. They converse, and the friend takes her bindi off her own forehead and puts it on the same side of the woman’s forehead. Another colleague comes, greets her, takes a little bit of kohl from the corner of her eyes and makes a circular stain on the same side as the bindis.

This act of affection brought tears to the woman’s eyes, as she realized she is a hero, when everybody in her office started applauding for her, welcoming her back. People think of her as the brave and beautiful hero who beat cancer. She is a survivor.



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