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Tone your calves and be slim – 6 best exercises

Tone your calves and be slim – 6 best exercises

Tone your calves and be slim – 6 best exercises

Tone your calves and be slim – 6 best exercises

Those in the habit of wearing short dresses and skirts need to maintain a well-toned calf as a lot of attention is directed towards this part of the body. If you are not happy with the state of your calves you can indulge in these home exercises which will not only tone up your calves but also enable you to flaunt those super-sexy legs.


Standing or bodyweight calf raise

Fitness experts seem to recommend this exercise a lot as it is quite an effective one. This exercise requires you to stand on a raised platform with only the balls of your feet on the platform and the heels hanging down. Next lift yourself up and place your entire body weight on the balls of your feet. Continue for two to three seconds and then lower your heels towards the ground such that your calf muscles get stretched. Repeat this exercise. Start off with fewer reps and gradually as you get used to it, you can increase the frequency of reps.


Single leg calf raise

This is a similar exercise to the standing calf raise with the only difference being that here you place one leg on the platform at a time. After performing your exercise with one leg you can repeat the process with the other leg.


Seated calf raise

Tone your calves and be slim – 6 best exercises

This exercise is a slight variation of the calf raise exercise. For this exercise you will require a chair and a pair of dumbbells. Sit on a chair with your legs forming a right angle with the floor. Next place a dumbbell on each thigh and begin lifting each heel towards yourself such that pressure falls on the balls of your feet.


Side lunges

We mistakenly believe that lunges are only meant for our thighs and glutes but they indirectly benefit our calves as well. For this exercise you have to stand with your knees and feet together. Next move towards the right side while keeping your right knee bent. Continue with this position for 2-3 seconds. Then repeat the exercise with the left leg.


Squat Calf Raise

Tone your calves and be slim – 6 best exercises

This is quite a difficult calf exercise and hence must be attempted only when you achieved a level of mastery with other calf exercises. Stand with your legs apart. Next bend your knees and contract your glutes. Simultaneously place your thighs parallel to the floor and push your heels towards the ground. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds and then return to your original position.

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Rope Skipping

A very inexpensive and easy way of exercising your calves is by jumping on a rope. In skipping you are required to jump up and down with pressure placed on the balls of your feet. You can try many variations but in all cases you will get toned calves and a sexy leg to boot.

When starting out, initially you might experience pain in your calves but as you get used to it you won’t experience any pain. Moreover you will be able to complete more workouts in less time. Consume a protein-rich diet which will help in repairing the wear and tear in the muscles of your body.



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