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What should you expect from you boyfriend?

What should you expect from you boyfriend?


You must have come across the man of your dreams and wondered, what should I expect from my boyfriend? But should you push the limit of expectations so much so that it suffocates your man? Media and especially romantic novels have spoilt us in the sense they have had us into believing that perfect humans exist. Not every man comes in a white horse to woo you. People are self-interested beings who have been brought up in their unique environments and nurtured in different values. Even the best of relationships have a hard time. If you keep expecting a perfect setting to your love life every moment, you are bound to face disappointment. This article is about what to expect from your boyfriend. Face it: It’s a world where compromises can keep you alive! Avoid these silly expectations to have a smoother life:

What to expect from your partner?


That you should be the first priority every single time.

The world is too fast-paced to expect your partner to concentrate solely on you. Financial considerations, family and friends are also part of his life. He cannot and doesn’t need to balance everything to please you all the time. Sometimes, things may get pretty haywire which is when you can compromise by just supporting him. Just like you might be occupied with things that bother you, so might he!

That your partner can take everyone else’s place in your life.

No, he can’t. You cannot expect him to hold on to you every moment. To allow him a healthy space, you need to enjoy and stay happy with your own self. You cannot guarantee people existence. Friends and family are irreplaceable. Give them time too. Also, people who love you will support you in your relationship, in fact, enrich you.

That he needs to have a mind similar to yours.

Men and women, despite being essentially humans, are different in their mental compositions. We share different preferences, ideas, and perspectives. You cannot expect him to share religious or political views similar to yours. He isn’t your slave but your partner. Respect your differences and fill each others’ gaps. That’s more fulfilling than having unrealistic expectations. If you constantly expect a reflection of yourself in your partner, you aren’t in love.

That your sex life will rock till time infinity.

Human beings get bored of a monotonous life very soon. Both of you might have tried to impress each other with sexy poses and tricks in the initial stage of the relationship. But it will fade away too soon. Both of you will have known each others’ bodies all too well. Of course, traversed roads lose the mystery. But that’s part of being together. Your bodies won’t remain young for long. That’s nature’s way. What will remain is purity of feelings.

That he will have to sense your feelings on his own.

This is way too difficult. We weren’t born with the ability to read minds. Your partner isn’t capable of knowing what bothers you without you communicating it to him. This is even more difficult when the relationship is a fresh one. You cannot overlook the power of a great communication. Only when you communicate, you understand each other well.



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