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Yoga exercises for beginners – Sun Salution

Yoga exercises for beginners – Sun Salution

Yoga exercises for beginners - Sun Salution

Yoga exercises for beginners - Sun Salution

Yoga means relaxation and sports, inner peace and sweaty gym. You don´t need  neither a specific place, nor special equipment for the respective exercises. With a simple sleeping mat and comfortable clothing you can complete all yoga exercises at home. We show you six basic positions, succeed the beginners in yoga.

Sun Salution

A typical warm-up exercise in yoga is the sun salutation. The many changing positions attach all areas of the body and so prepare the muscles on the asanas (yoga exercises).

  1. Take both hands in front of the chest and exhale
  2. Inhalation, thereby stretch both arms up, merge shoulders and shoulder blades, tighten the butt
  3. Exhale, bend your upper body down and touch the floor with your hands
  4. Inhalation, thereby stretch the left leg back and place your foot. Straighten the right leg, raise upper body
  5. Stop breathing and also take the second leg to the back. The arms are pushed through the whole time
  6. Exhale, while forehead and chest are touching the ground
  7. Inhalation while lifting the upper body
  8. Exhale and come up with the pelvis, pressing the heel on the floor, the arms are pushed through
  9. Inhalation, by placing the right foot forward, loosen the arms off the floor and stretch backwards
  10. Breathe out and move with the left foot forward, straighten the legs, the hands on the floor
  11. Stretch inhalation, both arms above the head
  12. Exhale while both arms are on the hips lead to repeat this first sun salutation while straighten the right leg backwards. Complete exercise three times to warm up the muscles.


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