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10 Indian Women who make us believe

10 Indian Women who make us believe

10 Indian Women who make us believe the impossible

In the land where a girl’s life is threatened right from when she is just an embryo in her mother’s womb, there are these women who not only have set examples for other women, but also have made the country proud. This post is to salute these 10 Indian women who have made us believe in impossible with their indomitable spirit and achievements. This post also salutes each and every Indian woman who has to go through immense hardship and difficulties, but never gives up.


  1. Bhikaiji Cama: Born in 1861, Bhikaji Cama was that brave heart who held a significant position in the independence movement. In fact, the flag of Indian independence was also her creation which later inspired the tricolor national flag of India.


  1. Mother Teresa: Though Albanian by birth, one cannot separate India from this lady who personified love, peace, care and such virtues of human soul. Born in 1910, Mother Teresa devoted her life to the poor, untouchables, orphans and neglected people of India for four and half decades. a Nobel Peace Prize winner, she is and will always be cherished by the people of India as well as the world.


  1. Amrita Sher-Gil: Born in 1913, Amrita Sher-Gil is considered to be the most expensive Indian woman painter of 20th century. Tumhari Amrita, a hugely popular and iconic Urdu play acted by Shabana Azmi is actually based on this lady.


  1. Indira Gandhi: India’s first woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, born in 2917, served her term and made her tenure the second longest one among other female prime ministers across world.


  1. Amrita Pritam: Born in 1919, this woman made her presence felt in a world that has always been mostly dominated by malefolks i.e. the world of literature. Amrita Pritam was the first successful woman poet and writer who won fans not only in India but in Pakistan as well.


  1. Lata Mangeskar: The living legend of India, Lata Mangeshkar is a name that requires no introduction even in abroad. Born in 1929, she is highly regarded as the Goddess of Indian film and music industry. It’s still a wonder for all how she sounds younger with every passing day.


  1. Kiran Bedi: Born in 1949, she is the first woman ISP officer as well as has served as the India’s representative in the UN making the nation proud. After retiring from her post, she still continues to serve the nation through her social activities and fight against corruption.


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  1. Arundhati Roy: Though controversies have often clouded her life, one cannot ignore this highly intelligent lady, born in 1961, for her position as a novelist in the international forum. A winner of Booker Prize, Arundhati Roy has inspired a great number of young writers in writing in English.


  1. Madhuri Dixit: The ‘dhak dhak’ of Bollywood is the epitome of beauty and grace. Born in 1967, she is not only a brilliant actor, but an ace classical dancer as well. With that thousand watt smile, she continues to win millions of hearts even today after her temporary retirement from the film industry. She is the only actor in Bollywood whose name has been used in another film’s title.
  2. Mary Kom: Born in 1983, this mother of two kids has won World Amateur Boxing championship five times and is the only woman boxer to win medals in all of the six world boxing championships.


WomenNow thinks – in very Indian woman is potential – let us just dig for it and put it out there! Have a great day!


By Durba

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