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Do you really need a Disney prince to save you?

Do you really need a Disney prince to save you?

Disney prince, the fantasy of every little girl, the dream of every woman! From Prince Charming of Cinderella to Prince Adam or the Beast, from Aladdin to Rapunzel’s Eugene, Disney princes set the benchmark for every young boy. Like a knight in shining armour, they come and conquer those beautiful hearts in the most heroic ways. Come what may, they never let the damsels in distress down. Instead, the protective Disney princes never fail to amaze the princesses as well as us, the readers, by sweeping the beauties off their feet, giving ways to another “thereafter-happily-lived-together” ending. And who does not want such a happily-ever-after love tale in her life? Just one question keeps poking its Pinocchio-like nose in this otherwise fairytale belief, does a real princess actually need a Disney prince as her ultimate savior?
princes vergleichPrimarily, this concept of knight in shining armor rescuing a damsel in distress dates back to medieval ages when protecting a woman used to be considered as the utmost duty of a chivalrous man. Women and children together used to make the “weakest” part of a society; hence, the stronger ones have to be there to assist them if at danger or in distress. But this is 21st century where we have girls like Malala Yousafzai who with their courage, honesty and determination have made the world bow down to them. Imagine, what it would have been if Malala had to wait for her prince charming to come and rescue her from that terror-stricken land. Even the Disney princes might have shivered in fear thinking of going to that land to save the damsel from all her troubles.


Therefore, this real life princess took charge of her life, gathered courage to stand up for her rights, put all her efforts to enlighten all the other little princesses of that area, fought with death after being shot in her temple by a wicked monster and did not let it snatch away her beautiful life from herself, and thus, created a history that people are going to remember for long. That raises question about the fairytale dependency on heroes and their eagerly-awaited presence in the lives of today’s princesses.


Every girl is a princess of her own life. So if you are one, ask yourself these questions –

  • Do you need to be kissed by a frog to get rid of whatever malady you are facing in your life?
  • Do you need a prince’s kiss to wake you up from your long slumber?
  • Do you need a Eugene or a Ferdinand or a Philip to break the curse of your life?
  • Are you so weak and timid that you cannot fight for yourself?


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If all the answers are ‘No’ then, no doubt, you are a real princess, the brave one. You are courageous enough to face the odds, fight the challenges and drive away the wicked witches or the monsters in the journey of life.  Of course, you deserve a lover like a true Disney prince, but the prince shall not have to be your savior. All you need is his unconditional love and care which will help you battling with the ghosts of life.


by Durba

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