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10 Ways To De-Stress & Be Happy

10 Ways To De-Stress & Be Happy

de stress


de stress

Everyone feels the pressure of the daily grind – whether you’re a master yogi or a cycinal Sally, we can all benefit from decreasing the amount of stress in our live and pump up the happiness factor. These top tips are an easy way to introduce more love for yourself, while dealing with serious issues that seem to take control of your emotions.

Here are some easy ways to relieve the amount of stress in your life:

Declutter Your Life

The more plates you need to keep spinning, the harder it becomes to keep your cool. Simplify your life! You don’t have to keep up with the Jones’s – everyone has their own problems and issues they’re dealing with, so remember, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! Focus on your own happiness and inner voice rather than the chit-chatter of others.


Make Some ‘Me’ Time

Even an hour is better than nothing. Prolonged sacrifice, does not make you stronger, it only makes you more prone to anger depression and hypertension. Take a few minutes each morning when you wake up to focus on your breathing and make time for yourself, and watch the stress melt away.


Learn To Say ‘No’

Learn to become more assertive and communicate your personal boundaries to others, with confidence. Many people are concerned that, if they disagree or refuse to do things, they will damage their relationships and people will dislike them.

However, inevitably over time, the resentment surfaces and emotional outbursts occur. These can damage perceptions of you and hurt the very relationships that you are scared of harming. Any new relationships are a perfect opportunity to express to others ‘what works for you’, and come to agreement about the best way to collaborate and get the best out of you.

People don’t mind dealing with someone who has a ‘manual’, as long as there is room for some discussion and negotiation where necessary. An extra plus is that others will respect you more; and that my friends, is one route to total happiness – going in prepared and honest.


Drop Your Perfectionism 

There are many downsides to perfectionism for you and others. Perfectionists typically don’t delegate, rather they terrify themselves about failure and end up procrastinating and not being productive. In business, perfectionists tend to lose the most talented and creative subordinates, as they simply feel held back and lacking oxygen.

Scarily also, perfectionists are statistically more prone to suicide – so take a breath, and remember, by de-stressing, you can live a fulfilled and happy life!


Don’t Allow Others To Bully You

If you are in a working environment and are feeling targeted, raise the issue with the person, then HR. Don’t be pushed into a corner – speak up and speak out and you will feel better for taking control of the issue.


Don’t Overwork

The old saying, “Hard work never killed anyone” is totally erroneous. Millions die annually through the adverse effects of stress upon the body and the mind of excessive work. 8-9 hours a day is more than enough for anyone. Psychological research demonstrates that the brain is only effective in terms of complex reasoning and analytical thinking for 5-6 hours a day.

The Dutch are the world’s most productive workers and are also in the top 5 in terms of happiness. They typically arrive at work at 8:30 and by 5:30, even the most senior managers are out of the door. They generally devote their copious free time to being with family and friends, hobbies and health giving activities, such as long cycle rides.


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So Buy A Bike!

Even in polluted London, cyclists are significantly healthier than drivers. A leisurely tour around the beautiful London parks is one of life’s greatest pleasures. There are natural havens all around us – that is a free ticket to the promotion of happiness in our lives.


Don’t Skip Out On Sleep 

Although many executives try to get away with 5-6 hours, scientific evidence is that this has a cumulative effect. Lack of sleep is disastrous for decision-making and concentration. Exhaustion is also physically damaging and places a major role in fatal accidents and the onset of heart disease.


Have Sex!

Research findings support the importance of an active sex life for cardio vascular functioning, lowering blood pressure and inducing feelings of flow and contentment. ‘Happy hormones’ are released when being intimate with a partner.


Spend Time Outdoors

More and more we are discovering the vital link between nature and feelings of health, happiness and vitality, and resilience against depression.

So start focussing on yourself and practice these top health tips for beating stress and start your happiness journey today!


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