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5 Bollywood movies to watch for true Fashion inspiration

5 Bollywood movies to watch for true Fashion inspiration

fashion Sonam Kapoor
fashion Sonam Kapoor
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Ladies if you have watched these movies, I suggest you watch them again for they will provide you true fashion inspiration. Being fashionable has more to do with knowing how to carry what you wear and also carry it with class and elegance than anything else. If you are a nerd or geek and have no interest in clothing or think fashion is only for people in the modeling industry or popular girls in high school then you need to watch these movies that will tell you why fashion is a fundamental part of life no matter who you are and what you do.


Although there is more than one reason to watch this movie by Madhur Bahndarkar, the biggest reason is that it movie provides you with true inspiration to follow fashion. The movie is the story of the struggles of a model. It surely highlights all the negative aspect of the fashion industry but the beautiful models draped in stylish outfits will make you want to try out trendy and fashionable outfits without any further wait. Seeing models carrying the outfits with so much confidence will make you wonder, if they can, why couldn’t you?


The role is played by the stylish fashion diva, Sonam Kapoor. The movie teaches you a very important lesson that true love can be anything, even your clothes. Sonam Kapoor’s outfits in the movie will certainly make you hit the shopping mall and buy even more fashionable clothes from there. Her shoes, head gear, bags and everything she wears is classy and elegant and her amazing wardrobe will make you want to have one exactly like that.

Yeh Jawani hai Dewani:

Every girl in the movie is truly going to be your fashion inspiration. Deepika Padukone’s complete transformation from a nerd to a stylish chic icon is going to serve you as great motivation to do the same. Likewise, Kalki’s transformation from a tomboy to a beautiful bride to be will show you how you can give yourself a complete makeover. The beautiful story of friendship and love also carries a hidden message that girls are beautiful and become even more than that when they start to follow fashion. Every song of Deepika from Balam Pichkari to Batameez dil will make you want to wear the same classy outfits and dance it out.

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Cocktail is a movie that is not all about friendship. The movie serves a higher purpose of giving you a great style lesson that mixing and matching to create a style of your own is going to give you a unique and individual style statement. Be it minis or palazzos, Deepika explains how to have a unique identity when it comes to fashion.

So, when it comes to the biggest lessons in fashion, you must watch these movies. Watch them and act as they tell you to. The movies will ultimately make you a fashionista loved by all and followed by many.

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