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Our Freedom Heroes

Our Freedom Heroes

women heroes
women heroes
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People in India, Bharat, and Hindustan all feel proud when they hear about their nation. Obtaining our Independence was a big step towards freedom but obtaining Women freedom, was something we could not have felt more relieved about. In this article we will pay respect to the five eminent women rights fighters who gave up their fear, there family and stood for our rights,  Women rights with fearlessness, sincerity, power, effort and success.

Let’s bow to our Heroines who deserve to be called: OUR HEROS

  • Rani lakshmibai (19thNovember – 17th June 1858)

Rani lakshmibai also known as Jhansi ki Rani, who was the queen of the Maratha kingdom in the north-central part of India. Born in the holy town, Varanasi from a Marathi family, she was married to the Maharaja of Jhansi where she got the Queen title. She was the first woman who participated in the freedom rebellion in 1857 when the British wanted the city of Jhansi. Where her fellows fighters gave in, she took the battle and led a historical war against the British. She was named as the rebellion queen and was even admired for the fearlessness by her enemies.

  • Begum Hazrat Mahal (1820- 7thApril 1879)

Another queen, who fought against the British. Known as the Begum of Awadh, she fought against the British East India Company and later captured Lucknow from the British. After her husband’s death, she declared her son as the ruler of the state of Awadh. Begum Hazrat was also the rebellious women who believed in the development of a city, therefore she ordered the destruction of temples and mosques to build roads. Standing alone in her battle she was exiled to Calcutta for hurting the religious sentiments.

  • Annie Besant (1stOctober 1857- 20th September 1933)

Even if she was British, she had an Indian heart. Being a women rights activist, India seduced her. She joined the Indian National Congress, where she contributed her help and time to resolve our country’s political issues. She was also the editor of the New India newspaper, where she published articles in Bharat’s favour and thus opposing the British. She also helped in establishing educational institutes such as the Central Hindu College and the Sind National Collegiate Board in Mumbai. As the President of the National Congress for a year, her constant battling gave way to Independence.

  • Madam Bhikaiji Cama (24thSeptember 1861- 13th August 1936)

She taught us that we don’t have to stay in a country to fight for it. Being infected from the epidemic of bubonic plague which hit Mumbai in 1896, Cama, went to Britain for her treatment. Even if she was not present in the country, she had a big hand in achieving independence. In 1907, during the International Socialist Conference in Germany, Cama, unfurled our Indian flag, and raised her voice to fight for our rights, where she made the world aware of the famine that had hit the Indian Subcontinent. She fought for our country until she was exiled to Europe in 1935.

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  • Kasturba Gandhi (11thApril 1869- 22 February 1942)

Our lady, wife of Mohandas Karanchand Gandhi. She played a great role in achieving independence. She was her husband’s backbone, accompanying him in all his rallies, movements. Sometimes she was also his replacement in events when he could not make it. Kasturba, was keen to educate, to share her knowledge and help, therefore she was giving basic knowledge on topics like health, hygiene, reading, writing so that we can become an educated and knowledgeable nation.


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