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How to Do Gold Facials At Home

How to Do Gold Facials At Home

face cleanserA gold facial is the most demanding beauty therapy in today’s world. This treatment rejuvenates the skin and makes it glow. Women who do gold faciasl they would never give it up. As it is a costly treatment women are interested to make it at home.

Whenever we hear the word ‘gold’, the beautiful jewellery with a costly expenditure comes to our mind. However this precious metal can also be used in making skin more beautiful. It is used in the form of a skin cream for facials. Gold facial is the best treatment to give the skin a unique sparkle. It is advisable to treat the face with some kind of facial to remove skin tone and acne problems. Facials give the skin more moisture and nutrients and as a result the skin looks more attractive.

Steps for doing gold facials at home:

As gold facials are very expensive, women like to do it before special occasions. In order to do it at home, you have to purchase a gold facial kit from the market. It contains cleanser, face cream and gold facial mask.

In the first step you need to clean the face with the cleanser which is available in the pack. It needs to be massaged on the face for a couple of minutes. Leave it for some time and then clean the face with cotton balls dipped in warm water.

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In the next step, massage the face cream prepared from gold leaf, sandalwood powder and saffron to your face. It should be massaged in such a way that the skin should absorb the cream fully. Then apply the gold facial mask and leave it for some time. After ten minutes remove the mask with cotton balls dipped in warm water. At the end apply a cold cream to make the skin smooth.


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