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5 crucial things to do before your big day !

5 crucial things to do before your big day !


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Ensuring a great wedding is not all about having an appointment with the best makeup artist, getting a designer outfit and having top-notch photographer for the big day. There are many other critical aspects that you might be ignoring unconsciously while taking care of these. So, before your big day comes along make sure you have invited everyone you want for this occasion! Moreover make sure you set aside some time for these tasks that are equally important:

Set appointment with a dermatologist:

You cannot achieve perfectly glowing and radiant skin overnight. You need to set up an appointment with your dermatologist a few months before your wedding. Make sure you regularly apply the skin care products he advised you and follow all of his prescriptions. Skin care experts are very well aware of the best products that will do wonders on your skin to ensure a miraculously smooth and blemish free skin soon. We also have amazing advice on WomenNow for you to have a beautiful skin:

Maintain a healthy balanced diet:

Do not go crazy starving as it will appear on your skin soon! Make sure that you follow healthy weight loss practices so that no skin issue arises. Furthermore, avoid sugary food as it will lead to unwanted lines and wrinkles. Try eating skin friendly fruits such as olives, walnuts, almonds, green tea etc. Fruits like pomegranates and berries are high in antioxidants that help in fighting off free radicals.

See a doctor:

It is good to have a complete general physical exam before you get married to avoid any complications later on. Discuss your family history with the doctor and be aware of any potential health risks you might have to face. It is crucial to have a complete health checkup of you and your spouse prior to your wedding. Furthermore, you might have decided to not have children immediately after marriage. If yes, then see your doctor and find out the best birth control options. If you plan to get kids soon, tell your doctor to help you conceive easily.

Get a dentist appointment:

It is equally indispensable to have sparkling white teeth to flaunt on your big wedding day. For that purpose, visit a dentist preferably a week before your wedding day and get teeth whitening and scaling treatment done. This will ensure you can smile with confidence for perfect clicks and to shine on your big wedding day. Do not let the fear of smiling and letting your yellow teeth show ruin your day. Get rid of all the plaque and have lustrous white teeth for the most important day of your life. You can also use as a natural treatment baking soda or orange peel.

Be stress-free:

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Ensure that you stay stress free by practicing yoga and meditation regularly and you can join a gym if you can. Go for a morning walk regularly. It will not only help you gain an attractive physique but will also help you in keeping stress at bay. It is inevitable to feel a lot of stress before your wedding but you must keep those stress levels managed, as they will affect your sleep as well leading to dark circles. Go for a massage, which also helps in lowering down stress. Relax and wait for the most beautiful day of your life.





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