5 Indian Movies that encourage women to play sports

5 Indian Movies that encourage women to play sports

Gone are the days when sports and women were considered to be poles apart. Women, these days, are proving their mettle in different sports. Girls, at a young age, are encouraged to play sports.

5 Indian Movies that encourage women to play sports

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It keeps them active and healthy. Sports can also be chosen as a career. Bollywood has, time and again, produced movies that encourage women to play sports and ace it. Read on to know about 5 such inspiring movies.


  • Chak De India

The cult movie became a hit the moment it was released. Revolving around women’s hockey, the movie portrays how a few girls from less privileged sections of the society exhibited audacity and perseverance as they emerged as world champions in the game of Hockey. Their passion for sports motivated them to convince their communities to permit them to play for the international level. The movie successfully busts a plethora of myths prevalent in India with regard to women and sports.


  • Mary Kom

5 Indian Movies that encourage women to play sports

Priyanka Chopra won millions of hearts through her stellar performance in Mary Kom. A boxing aficionado, she faces a lot of discrimination because of her gender and the region she belonged to. Despite her father’s disapproval, she pursues her dream of becoming a boxer by getting trained under a renowned boxing coach. The movie beautifully portrays her struggle to prove her mettle in boxing which is considered to be a male dominated sport in India. Her ambitious nature keeps her going. She has a supportive husband who encourages her to chase her dreams while he took the onus of looking after the kids on himself.  [Read: Mary Kom: 10 Facts you may not know about her!]


  • Bend it like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham is a comedy-drama that highlights the clichéd role that families play in thwarting their daughters from fulfilling their aspirations. However, problems creep in when the youngest daughter of the family expresses her inclination towards football. She is criticized and judged by her own family for nurturing such masculine interests. She breaks all barriers and shows up for the national level game and wins laurels. The movie is again riddled with scenes wherein young women are reminded of their primary roles of caregivers following which should be the ultimate desire of every woman.


  • Dil Bole Hadippa

5 Indian Movies that encourage women to play sports

Cricket in India is highly in favor of men. Everyone knows Sachi Tendulkar but who remembers Anju Chopra? Dil Bole Hadippa is a light-hearted movie with a strong message of gender equality in the field of sports. Rani Mukherjee loves to play cricket and aspires to play cricket at national level. On finding out that it is a pipedream; she decides to dress up like a man to get herself enrolled in the team. She even managed to win the match by grit and determination.


  • Sultan

5 Indian Movies that encourage women to play sports

Anushka Sharma, in the avatar of a professional wrestler from Haryana, has done a commendable job in the movie Sultan. Her immaculate ability to juggle between her household responsibilities and training as a wrestler received a lot of adulation from the audience. It was refreshing to find a father so overtly supportive of her daughter’s ambitions. Her dream of winning the Olympic medal for India was very dear to him as well.


These movies reflect on the changing position of women in the Indian society. They have no qualms in professing how much they love their sports and are willing to make it an important part of their lives.



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