5 Laws of karma that can change your life!

5 Laws of karma that can change your life!

Karma is your soul and your bondage. And if you handle it right, it can be your liberation.’

It is very hard to believe that Karma doesn’t exist. A lot of us must have had real life experiences where we witnessed that ours or somebody’s actions result in an equal reaction. As per Karma, when we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly.

There are certain laws of Karma that each one of us must know. These are life-changing and will help you furnish a better life.




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This law suggests that who you are and what you reflect out into the universe is what that will reflect back at you. You must give out what you expect to get what you want. If you want to be loved then you must love people around you. If you disrespect people, you will be rewarded with the same. Hence, one must be in good faith and do good.




This law states that you are your own creator of life. Everything that atmospheres you is simply an incarnation of your inner state. It is our concurrence in the universe that fosters who we are and what we are surrounded by. Hence, one should surround themselves with positive vibes.




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The law of prosperity states that our spirits will grow and prosper only when we decide. The change that will cause the growth has to be ‘Ourselves’. Life around us will eventually follow our changes and so will our circumstances for better and worthier.




According to this law, we are responsible for whatever is going on in our lives. It states that our life is a mirror of our actions and doings and that nobody else is responsible for it. If there is anything going wrong in your life then instead of blaming others, one must take responsibility and accept the truth.





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Every single thing that we do has a reason behind it and it constitutes the universe. Our actions are connected and each step that we take leads to the next step and so forth and so on. This law beautifully sets down the fact that our past, our present and our future are all connected to our spiritual and behavioral principles.




The law of focus states that a person cannot sail in two boats at the same time, meaning that you cannot be indulged in two thoughts at one time. According to this law, you cannot have high spiritual morals like kindness and humility and at the same time be greedy and disdain people. If you have lower thoughts like sadist and nasty, then it simply means that your focus is there itself.

These laws of Karma can educate you for a much secured and prosperous existence and will help you grow as an individual, both spiritually and externally.

Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.’


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