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The overconfidence trap

The overconfidence trap

The overconfidence trap

The overconfidence trap

Annoying Things About Overconfident People

There are various kinds of people in this world. It is true that we cannot like everyone’s nature or way of dealings. People are different and possess mixed characters. Some we find really interesting and some we assume are really bizarre. In the long list of diverse characters, there is one such trait that is disliked by almost everyone in this universe and that is ‘Overconfidence’.


Things that irritate about an overconfident person:-


  • Confidence systematically exceeds accuracy

Being confident is one thing and being over-confident is a thing of the other end. Recently in a research it was found overconfident people think that intelligence is fixed and constant and therefore they feel their knowledge kind of redefined accuracy and correctness.


  • Have a tendency to overrate a judgment.

Overconfident people tend to excessively impose themselves in a situation. If they are ruling out a judgment, they will make sure they are being heard by exaggerating and overstating.


  • Excessive sureness that one knows the truth.

They tend to believe that nobody is better than them and that their word is the final word. They do not care about other people’s opinion doesn’t matter because they are fully equipped with veracity.


  • Speak but never listen

Such kinds of people are not good listeners. They always want to speak or interrupt in a conversation but will never allow somebody else to voice their views. This kind of attitude is a result of their mindsets in which they believe they are masters of everything.


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  • Self –Promotion

Overconfident people are a big time attention seekers. They always want to be appreciated and hence they portray themselves as being exceptionally good and deserving a fan following. Little do they know that they are being projected as silly and stupid.

  • Bad Decision Makers

The biggest problem that overconfident people face is that they are bad decision makers. Large amounts of over-optimism make them loose their rational skills and cause them to miss out on opportunities of learning.


I would like to conclude by saying that the truth about overconfidence is that it only paves way to intolerable arrogance and nothing else!



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