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5 Most romantic date stories ever!

5 Most romantic date stories ever!

5 Most romantic date stories ever!

Most of us here are foolish lovers, lost wanderers, and hopeless romantics. We are all looking for that one person who is going to make us feel loved and be loved by us and to have romantic date stories of ours.

5 Most romantic date stories ever!

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That one person who will someday, magically enter into our lives and transform it forever. That one person with whom time and dimensions disappear, that one person who infinitely completes us.


Stories of love and war and broken hearts have been much read about. But have you read anecdotes of the most romantic moments experienced by the blind lovers of the world? This is a prologue to five beautiful short stories of romance, music, nightfall and the dates to remember – a quintet of romantic moments spent by lovers.

Here are some most romantic date stories:


I’m an old soul that believes in chivalry, romance and love.

-Adrian Michael


St. Anthony’s – Goa


Me and my boyfriend, of almost half a decade, planned on a short trip to Goa recently. We stayed in North Goa, travelled to all parts of Goa one day at a time. From the little shacks located in Anjuna to the busy Baga streets, from the serenity of Palolem to the raging rainfall at Arambol – it was a holiday to remember.

On our last night, we partied at Cafe Lilliput at Anjuna, where we danced to loud music and dined with creamy cocktails and Irish Kisses. Full of food and high on spirits, he kissed me soft and said there’s something special waiting.

We hit the road again, and this time we were back to the cacophony of Baga, where he takes me to a not-so-shabby shack called St. Anthony’s. It was just about full except for one table, where he asks me to be seated for sometime. Music had been playing till then, but it stopped, and suddenly I could hear his voice start singing my favourite Ed Sheeran song – Thinking Out Loud, to which bottles of champagne pops, the crowd cheers and he comes up to me, gets down on his knees and does what I had been dreaming of since sixteen!


Dal Lake – Kashmir

5 Most romantic date stories ever!

Instagram Account: saakshionthemap

All work and no vacation was making me and my team members pretty low on morale and motivation at work place recently. So we all decided to stop work for a couple of days and go for a holiday to a place where there are no worries or cares, just the peacefulness of being in paradise. And what place is closer to heaven than the mountains! So we headed to the paradise of India, that is, Kashmir, in the hopes of finding inner peace and meaning.

Me and this colleague of mine, we were always playfully flirtatious with one another. So we decided, we would go for a date on the last day of our stay and see what happens.

So we did, nothing elaborate, just a shikara (gondola/boat), a bottle of wine, mutton roganjosh and other delicacies to nibble on and an old man to steer the boat. We spoke and spoke, listened to the 60s music on our little Bose, and warmed ourselves with wine and lanterns.

I was a little tipsy, and his arms were around me when he whispered to me something sweet and the next thing we knew, we were kissing. So soft, so warm under the chilly moonlight, the icy winds and the serenade of the waves against the rudder. We kissed on and spoke ever so quietly – the most romantic and elegant date of my life indeed.


Anniversary Night Surprise

My boyfriend rang me up on the phone on our 3rd-year anniversary. He never remembers the date, and like always, he did not wish me when he called. He just telephoned and asked, “Can you come over around 6p.m? We’ll watch a movie and chill,” like any other normal day. So I agreed hesitantly, fully aware of the fact that the boy still does not remember and I’m just going to go over and sulk, make love when the time comes and either hit the sack there or be driven back home.

I went over, entered his room and noticed it was impeccably clean, with new bedspreads and lamps for decoration. Suddenly, he caught me off guard by coming from behind and blindfolding me. I asked, “What’s going on?!” He didn’t say anything, just led me up the stairs to his terrace, sat me down and started playing Can’t Help Falling In Love With You on his guitar while I untied my blindfold.

The second I opened my eyes, I could see the golden resplendence of fairy lights, candles and lamps, glasses of sparkling wine and food served while he sang so sweetly wishing me the happiest, most romantic anniversary ever.


Magical Valley of Malana Cream

5 Most romantic date stories ever!

Instagram Account: saakshionthemap

We packed our bare necessities and hit the road to leave the world behind. He took out his Mahindra Thar and I took out my most worn out pair of sneakers. It was time for an escapade to finally give purpose and meaning to life. So we headed off with our raging hearts and fiery souls – to wherever the endless roads take us – from the wilderness to the mountain tops.

We journeyed to the land of the purest form of hash, the magical valley of Malana cream.

Over there, we tripped on mountain-tops and misty clouds brushing past our skin, we smoked the best of cream and made the sweetest form of love.

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We explored the regions and met, lived, ate and travelled with the locals – not only a romantic date experience but also a spiritual revelation. A relaxing vacation full of romantic dates, intense love-making sessions and getting incessantly high on life.


Neil Island – Andaman and Nicobar Islands

5 Most romantic date stories ever!

Instagram Account: kreshabajaj

The beaches of Andaman are a spectacle indeed. The underwater coral reefs and the scenic beauty of this remote place is a pleasure to one’s eyes.

Me and my recently married husband had rarely spent enjoyable moments together, so we decided on going for this vacation to make things special and memorable between us.

On our third night, we travelled to Neil Island, where we shared a honeymoon cottage-cum-suite. We completed our dinner and he suggested we take a walk under the moonlight and stargaze for sometime. So we headed off, with bottles of beer in our hands, following the trail of the stars.

After walking a short distance, I could spot an orange-yellow subdued light, dimly flickering a few steps away. After arrival, I noticed there was a tent set up a little nearer to the wilderness.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! He had set up a night in the open air just for me, for us to have a moment we will never forget. So we rolled on the sand all night, made sweet love till the bonfire turned to smoke and ashes, and the stars transformed to dew drops – a night of endless romance and pleasurable lovemaking that made us fall in love all over again.


So this year, love and be loved. Don’t refrain, don’t hold back, don’t be afraid to get your heart broken. For only in finding true love will you find infinite completion within yourself. Always remain the hopeless romantic you are.

Tell us about your most romantic date ever and share with us your romantic date experiences.



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