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8 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive!

8 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive!

8 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive!

Like most individual traits, the inside story of a highly sensitive person’s habits is not that difficult to understand because that comprises of their casualness and disapproval. This means that the person with whom you are dealing has greater levels of insight and compassion to such an extent that they tend to become overly emotional with regard to everything.When you fall in love with someone, you fall in love with not just the single person, but also their qualities both good and bad. Spending a pleasant time with one another not only enables you to draw close to your partner, but also helps you in examining his or her characteristics on a close basis. Dating a highly sensitive person means being into a relationship with someone who is intensely emotional and a passionate thinker.

8 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive!

They have their own way of looking at impressions of feelings and sentiments which makes the love affair more harmonious. On the other way round, being with a sensitive person also means that you might find your partner reacting with fierce. However, you must also keep in mind that it is not precisely their inaccuracy or rather say weakness for being who they actually are. Sensitive people are less expressive in the sense that they tend to keep things to themselves as a result of which both happy and sad state of feelings gets mixed up in the process. Being oversensitive means that your partner is kind of delicate, and nervous.  Hence, you must avoid certain sayings so that he or she is less affected by your phrases and in returns tunes in sync with harmony if not a misunderstanding leading to the ruining of your relationship.







Since you and your partner are into a committed relationship, it is obvious that you will know your significant other more well than the rest. If he or she turns out to be sensitive, then make sure that you do not dig a hole into their weaknesses. Emotions are uncontrollable; and when sensitivity further adds up to this kind of a situation it is advisable that you do not point out their sensitive issues. Your partner is bound to take things personally, and it solely depends upon you so as to not remind them of this time and again. Explaining them not to lay hold of things personally will disturb them more. This kind of a remark will not only hurt your sensitive partner but then he or she will also look upon you as judgmental, because they tend out to be very emotionally conscious.






Too much of a seriousness in life spoils all the fun isn’t?  Of course you can joke around your partner but remember too much of sarcasm might not be that healthful if you are dealing with someone who is sensitive. This kind of a person goes into the details of every frame of sentences used.  So you need to be careful before uttering any sarcastic jokes because it can be very well misinterpreted. More often than not, humor has an underneath relish of gospel truth. Hence, the chances of overreacting become more clear for your sensitive partner will take the joke in a serious manner and brood over it.  In the process of drawing a fine distinguishing line between what is said and how your partner interprets it, what occurs at the end is a big rift, because the way we define sarcasm in general terms, turns out to be disapproving and full of negative remarks for them. There’s always a limit towards everything. So, why should joke be an exception?





8 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive!


When it comes to a sensitive person remember the world turns out to be absolutely devastating for them. So do not tell your highly sensitive partner you are being a pain in their mood of enjoyment. They are annoyed by things quite easily which is pretty much understandable through their body language. So if you feel like spending a good timing with your partner then make sure that your casual restaurants, coffee shops and not a pub. It is so because while a non-sensitive may find the intoxicating liquor going down through their throat as delightful, it might not be experienced in the similar manner by your sensitive partner and hence visiting bars for them turns out to be more like a splitting headache. So when you are out with your highly sensitive partner do not force them to drink quick. And if supposedly you want your partner to try out just a mere sip, remember to drop them home safely after consuming the gulps, for they turn out to be too severe and too exhausting.






We all are emotional in some way or the other. Some are clever enough to hide it, while a majority drowns on the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. If your partner is highly sensitive, then you will observe that they have a tendency of crying over simple matters. Whether it’s a romantic novel, the climax of a movie, or fictions characters, or a touching commercial, they just cannot control their sentiments. So if this kind of a situation arises, instead of mocking at your partner for crying over imaginary tales, just stay calm and give them time to sprout out their tears.








We all have our proportion of damages and fragile spots; essentially focusing on those particulars that can bring about a strong and effectiveemotional reactionswithin us. Fundamentally pessimistic and cynical. And this is perhaps the most common truth when it comes to sensitive people. Remember your partner will be much satisfied if you communicate to him or her directly without beating around the bush. Whether it’s a kind of family issue or a field work problem keep the matter simple and clear, without addressing as it’s none of their business. If you ever attempt to cover up in front of your partner, they will immediately make sense of the fact that you are not being genuine. This in return will compel them to become agitated and restless so much so that the mingling between you both will result into a great turmoil. This prevailing obsession will be based on figuring out what exactly is thought of as false and unsubstantial by your sensitive partner.





8 Things to avoid saying to a partner who is sensitive!


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Sensitive people have a wise way of outgrowing themselves in freaked out places, and will make use of whatsoever will comfort them at moment’s notice. Sensitive people get in their heads and will likely come off as indifferent, out of reach or far out. So, in this kind of a situation do not tell your significant other to get out of the mood by a sudden effort. Try to control your impulse at that time for prevention of further chaos. Simply allow your sensitive partner to do whatever she wants for a brief time and slowly they will land themselves into reality. Yes, they actually desire for some room of space, but it doesn’t exactly mean that they are being harsh. During this heat of the moment, contemplation and calmness can help them to snap out of it.It is therefore, vey crucial so as to not thrust them with pinching words because at the end they will be more astonished. They require a brief time period of serenity. So just allow them to be reserved and gentle.







Of course no one is born perfect into this world so why should your partner be an exception right? It’s quite natural that your so called significant other is bound to make mistakes. But since he or she is sensitive by nature, you must remember that continuous pointing towards their flaws can be awfully redundant. Since your sensitive partner is so much obsessed with their self-emotions they know their weaknesses. So, do not wound them back again into the same place because they are already aware of it from beforehand. You being their partner should never ever mix their individual self apprehension. This could worsen your relationship with your partner.







Sensitive people are great observers. They would like to go into the depth in order to quench the thirst of their several queries. This happens due to the great emotional compatibility your partner shares with you. Sometimes it is easier for them to let go of what others think of them, and to think of those around them. They become desperate to know the answers so as to put an end to their curiosity,mostly when they are in sync with other people’s sentiments and responses. Your sensitive partner is going to point out all sort of things like what’s bothering you or why you are upset and so on, etc. etc. They cannot resist themselves from noticing the deep seated thought running in your mind, so do not take it otherwise okay? And make sure that you do not address them as over-critical. Give them enough space to make a close examination, because this is how they tend to construct the perception of the world surrounding them.




Always remember that it takes much time to build up a relationship. Fragmentation takes place due to the sprinkles of misunderstanding and matchless ideas between you and your partner. A sensitive person needs to be understood, because their sentiments are not defined sympathetically, but rather empathetically. So, if your partner turns out to be one of them, try to become a patient listener to their thoughts and feelings.  And once this kindly acceptation of tolerance and understanding stands in a sync, I bet you will consider yourself as the best lover for your highly emotional darling.



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