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6 Signs this man likes you a lot

6 Signs this man likes you a lot

6 Signs this man likes you a lot

Well, men can be pretty confusing to understand most of the times. It s said that generally men are in better control of their emotions than women. Stereotypical I know, but this article is all about my experiences with men who have liked me back and I knew that they were flashing all the mentioned signs here. And if you are on this page, you definitely have someone in mind who you think likes you but you aren’t sure about that. The following are the most visible signs that you just cannot ignore:

6 Signs this man likes you a lot

He is different around you


You may have seen him at other places around people of his flock. He seemed very different then. But now when he is around you, he behaves differently. He can either get awkwardly silent or even smile too much. This shows that he thinks of you differently than the rest of the people he knows. However, if he does the same with every other woman he meets, then you aren’t too special to him. So, if a guy treats you in a way that makes you feel special, then he likes you enough to take things ahead.


He makes excuses to be around you


If a guy likes you, he will make every effort to show that to you or maybe he subconsciously will.  If you find this guy always making plans with you and never does a day go when he doesn’t insist on meeting you, then he has deep feelings for you which for some reason he hasn’t been able to express yet. He is always ready at a moment’s notice and never makes excuses of being busy. He leaves everything else just so that he can give you his time. Even when he has his bro plans, he will always ask you if you could join them.


He accepts you the way you are

6 Signs this man likes you a lot

You may be weird to many but if someone finds even your weirdness admirable, then he definitely likes you.  When a man likes you he will like everything about you. The way you talk, the way you laugh, your physical self and even the way you stay mad will be cute to him. He will be ready to bear all your insignificant talks and never shy away from showing that he really respects your opinions. Such a man will never express his disgust or irritation if you say something that opposes his views. Everything that you are and you do will be interesting to him.


He compliments you all the time


He is so awe struck by your presence that he cannot help but compliment you about whatever he likes in you. You can even see his blush when he compliments you. When people compliment, it only means that they take a genuine interest in you and they have given some time in thinking about you. You have been on his mind which is why he compliments you so easily when he speaks with you. This is actually one of the most crucial signs that will tell you where you stand in his life. He won’t ever mention other women in a way that makes you insecure or jealous. Rather he would give stay aloof about any other woman except you. If you are smart enough you can easily tell the difference between a genuine compliment and a fake one. So, be open to what he tells you and you will know what he feels for you.

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He is jealous of other men


If a man really likes you he will never like other men coming close to you. Men are territorial. they like to guard their spaces and when he likes you he will want to protect that space with you. So, if you find this man getting agitated when someone else draws close to you, he sure enough likes you. He won’t tolerate another man giving him competition while he is trying to win over you. If this guy instantly snaps you out of a conversation involving another male or comes up with sarcastic remarks about him, then he really has these feelings for you which will express soon enough.


He laughs a lot with you

6 Signs this man likes you a lot

If a man truly likes you he will be his most original self without any pretensions. This means that he will give up being all too serious and trying to look macho before you. While he will project his most masculine self to woo you, he will still crack the funniest jokes or just make you laugh over silly issues. This shows that he enjoys being around you which he why he doesn’t find doing anything silly to be embarrassing with you. You make him feel good and he loves the space he has with you.

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