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5 steps to make your hair like a star

5 steps to make your hair like a star

5 steps to volume your hair like a starHow to have big hair like  ?

You want curly, volume hair? Just obey the following steps and you will love your hairstyle. This instruction is for all the ladies, who have problems with dull hair. Within 10 minutes you have a hairdo like a Hollywood star.


1 Step

Start with the middle part of your head (fringe zone). Tie a handfull bunch of hair together. Do not begin in the upper headzone. Then start to backcomb the hairpart sideways. Just take always a little hairstripe. On every hair stripe use hairspray to fix it.


2 Step

Have you prepared your first layer, undo some of the bound hair and also backcomb it around your head. Repeat that until you have no more hair left in the hair clip. So now you have backcomed the upper half of your head.


3 Step

Next use a roundbrush and comb just the sovereign layer so it doesn´t look backcombed anymore.


4 Step

Bound the backcombed part together and start to curl your hair with a curling iron. But not the complete hair strype just the hair-ends.

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5 Step 

Now your look is almost done. Just shake your hair a little bit and fix everything with a little hairspray.



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