5 Ways to restart your career after a gap!

5 Ways to restart your career after a gap!

5 Ways to restart your career after a gap!


Gosh! You have had a year gap in your career….Now nobody will give you a job’ is something that people comment  post a break and it is predominantly assumed that a gap in the career means that you will never have a smooth comeback. Women especially are flagged off and told that their career innings are over as they have several unavoidable familial reasons to face such as maternity, child care, domestic responsibilities and so much more.

A survey has found out that 35% Indian women take a break from work and the duration of their break is much less as compared to women in U.S and Germany. The survey also found out that more than 90% of these women wish to make a comeback into their careers.

Breaks in careers are disappointing and finding a job after is very tiresome. Here are simple yet effective ways in which you can make a smart comeback into your careers if you have had a gap.



Most women lose out on good jobs because of common and silly mistakes they make with their CV’s. Many of them send out the old CV to the employers and many write boldly about their career gap in their CV. Prepare a skill based CV that focuses on your experiences and achievements catering to the job you have applied for. Highlighting different skill sets in your covering letter is also very important.



5 Ways to restart your career after a gap!

Confidence is a trait that can help you land onto many successful platforms. One of the major issues with women who wish to make a comeback into their careers is that their confidence has dipped extensively and has now become the biggest hindrance. You need to understand that it is normal to encounter a confidence dip after being away from a professional setup. In order to build your confidence or to reboot you need to equip yourself with abundance of knowledge. There is no denying that knowledge is power and the more you have it, the more your will conquer in your field.



There are several workshops and boot camps organized for networking and grooming. After a gap, you tend to lose touch with the industry and these workshops help you step back into the market by giving you opportunities to reinvent yourself. The success of these workshops and boot camps have been immense in the contemporary market as they really target at keeping you updated with the latest happenings in your industry.



5 Ways to restart your career after a gap!

The new media has remarkably benefited women in this case as with the advent of internet, work from home options have evolved which is a great alternative if you do not wish to take up a full time job. Also, these days’ companies offer the option of flexible timings which gives you the freedom to incorporate other due responsibilities of your life.



Return-ship programs are those programmes wherein companies recruit talent on a temporary basis; it is almost like an internship and allows women to get back to work. Returnship programmes are designed for people who have to leave workforce for some time, maybe for duration for two years or so, and they can eventually pace back after the gap. There are many prestigious companies that exclusively design such programmes for women, so search and opt for them. L’Oreal and Maybelline are some of them.


So now you know why you do not need to flag off your careers which you took on with much zeal and ambitions as there are ways out to the disappointing or sabbatical gaps that occur in your lives. Groom yourself, keep yourself updated and you will be game on to restart an enhanced career.



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