6 Best clothes for Maternity

clothes for Maternity

Maternity can completely change your body shape, and you must incorporate some new clothes in your wardrobe. I know how awful you feel when your favorite jeans won’t fit you anymore.

Getting pregnant can bring a whole lot of changes in you, mentally and of course physically. Even if you bring the whole new wardrobe you can’t be sure what will fit you the next day and what won’t. But, you don’t need to worry because here, we bring you the top 6 picks for maternity. It ranges from floral skirts to some tunics, all quite chic and fashionable. So, if you thought maternity leaves you with lesser options when it comes to clothing, think again.


Tunics look lovely on pregnant women. They loose enough from the belly region so you feel comfortable wearing one. Go for some lighter colors as they are quite in this season.

Stunning Maxi Skirts

Although they may not be the usual maternity wear you can always opt for them. Pair it with a long tank and some wedge sandals.

Lovely Lace

The lovelylace tee is the best maternity pick of the season. It gives you full coverage, but still looks sweet and quite trendy. The lace looks perfect in spring and now that Spring is finally here, go for it. Go for pink, cream or any color of your choice. But, I would say lighter shades are what you need this season.

Now let’s look at the must haves for a maternity wardrobe.

Desirable Denims

You will know it’s spring when these chic chambray denim are everywhere in the market. These shirts are the best because the fabric stretches as you grow each day. It won’t tear because it comes with a slit at the back.

Stylish Stripes

Now stripes are what you need when you want to look thinner and flatter your body shape. This knee length dress is what you must have during your maternity because every so often you require a dress which will make you look gorgeous and chic. Add them with a pair of leggings if you want. It’s totally up to you. Try adding some colorful jewelry and you are ready to go. 

Tube skirts

Yes! You do need something fancy, and these floral tubes skirts are a must have for your maternity wardrobe. They are a perfect fit at the right places. Pair them with a loose fitting top tucked in.


Maternity is a great period to experiment with new and different types of clothing. Remember, you won’t get a whole new wardrobe any other time, so  don’t be afraid to try new things. If you want, you can still wear your jackets, but they will be a little tighter and smaller. Try these top picks for maternity as they are quite in this Spring.


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