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6 Reasons why he will never be seriously involved with you

6 Reasons why he will never be seriously involved with you

6 Reasons why he will never be seriously involved with you

When it comes to relationships, we are almost always pretty much sorted about who we want to be with. If there is someone we want to chase, we go for it regardless of the consequences. Men are no different either. If they want you, they will let you know. If they don’t, you will be fixed in a spiral of confusions. Whatever it is, there is no reason to believe that there is some problem with you which is why he is acting cold to your advances. They might just be in a phase or zone from where they are yet to find a plan to emerge out of. This may have nothing to do with you at all. Or they may not find you good enough but are finding it hard to let you despite giving out signals. If you feel you are in such a state, here are a few reasons why this man you are chasing is running the opposite direction:

6 Reasons why he will never be seriously involved with you

You share different beliefs


Although you might find it too trivial a mater to be denied a chance to love him, it might stand true for the other person. There might be a host of beliefs that he considers red flags or just one which he is not ready to adjust with. Maybe you are too outspoken and he is calm or you are an introvert and he is an extrovert. The problem could be anything that shakes his belief system. He expects some peace in the relationship and he knows that it would be farfetched dream if he is to be with someone like you.


He had a breakup recently


He was deeply involved in a relationship and having had a breakup isn’t something that he has come to terms with yet. He just wants some time to let this phase pass and concentrate solely on himself. He knows that he will not be faithful to you if you hurriedly jumps into this relationship so he wishes to steer clear of any unwanted burden on his emotions. While you may consider getting out of a relationship a no-brainer, it might have taken a toll on him and that is why he needs some space it figure it out before he moves on.


He is scared of commitments


He doesn’t want to take your responsibility. Plain and simple. He has been on his own for quite some time or maybe forever. He doesn’t consider you good enough to trade his singlehood for. He doesn’t want to take the initiative because that would mean adding to his list of priorities. He is self absorbed, so much so that he knows nothing beyond self – care. That is his sole agenda and he wants no strings attached when he is with someone.


He is too ambitious

6 Reasons why he will never be seriously involved with you

Many of us consider relationships a distraction while pursuing our dreams. Similarly, this man has fixed goals which are his priority before he can finally attract the kind of women he desires. Probably he doesn’t consider you good enough or remotely close to the women he wants to share his life with. He has bigger goals that he doesn’t expect/want anyone to understand. He may have spent a long time chasing people all his life and now he understands that his goals should be his top priority so that he can make something worthwhile he can be proud of.

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He is broke almost always


He isn’t financially stable. Men like to nurture and provide for their families. And they consider it a crushing defeat when they are not in charge. Whether you ask for it or not, he wants to be self- sufficient so that he can fulfil all your dreams. He doesn’t want you stressed for lack of money. He wants to feel happy that he could do something for you. He wants you to be proud of him. And this he knows takes time which is why he wants to stay away from being seriously involved with you.


You are still not there yet


He has been talking to you for quite some time now and he feels that you are immature. You need to work on yourself first before you can decide to take up the responsibilities that a relationship comes with. He is still testing the waters with you for he is not yet decisive about you. He is more mature about handling relationship and he know what it takes to have a successful one or that he has a better idea than you do. So he is giving you the time to sort out your issues and be content in your own company first. He wants to be your want and not your need only. Even if he sees all the potential in you he still feels like you are not ready.


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