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Getting Engaged? – 7 types of engagement rings

Getting Engaged? – 7 types of engagement rings

You off course wouldn’t like it if somebody exclaims the costly ring on your finger to be “oh-so-common”. Don’t worry you won’t be left with such wonder, because we are here to help you to choose a ring for the king or queen.

Check the paragraphs to dissolve your confusion, here are 7 hottest trends in engagement rings:

Diamong rings Asscher cut style:

If she loves goodly than this engagement will make her go “Awee”. The diamonds studded in such rings are cut in a square or pumped up shape. This way it gives a multidimensional stare to the diamond. Famous celebrities have time and again adorned this ring on their wedding finger to show the world that they have found their man. Yes! We know your lady love will love to show it off with same poise.

Getting Engaged – Top 7 types of engagement rings

Love bands:

Such rings come in pairs and have small quotes or vows engraved on them. The flat bands have become very popular among both men and women because of its not-so-over-the-top look but for its elegant look. You can opt for different metal based on the budget you have.

The domed shape rings:

It is the most comfortable of all ring designs. Such rings gives a support to the inner section of the finger. The designs can be made simple and classy based on the individual’s choice. Prefer white gold, platinum or sterling silver, it looks great with diamond.

Colored stone rings:

Such rings are best for somebody who likes a touch of color in their rings. You can opt for various stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire both blue and yellow. You can also choose four prongs or tension setting ring.

Puzzle rings:

These are the most complex designs in the ring available presently. If you are among those couple who want an off-beat ring to show off it style then it is definitely for you. These are custom-made rings and can be designed as you choose it to be.

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Diamond_engagement_ring_platinum_dr56plrb_s_430Platinum rings:

Though platinum is the most costly of all the metal available but a ring made out of platinum is great for the couple who wants something same for both of them. You can put a stone in the woman’s ring and stone less in the man’s one. It totally depends on the individual as to what he or she chooses to do.

Tri-stone rings:

Such rings are rounded with three stones that are symbolic for the couple and considered a unification of past, present and their future together. It not only adds volume to the look but is great for people who want something flashy for them.

So if you think that we have sufficed your need to get the right kind of engagement ring then rush off to the jewelry shop and get ready for the pomp and show to begin.


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