6 Signs you should not be seriously involved with anyone for now

6 Signs you should not be seriously involved with anyone for now

Love is serious. Unreciprocated love is scary. While you may like someone and their company, it does not necessarily mean that you love them as well. No matter how hard you try you may find it difficult to love them back. It’s sad and you might feel bad about that but matters of the heart are complex. You can’t make someone love you and vice versa if you don’t naturally feel that for that person.

So, this person may be just the perfect match but love from your end seems like a tough thing right now. If you have felt this before then you know what I am talking about here. Falling in love takes some courage and surrender. That’s how you fall in love. But if you are confused about the whole thing then you might possible be making excuses or just would love to stay single. Here are a few things that you could try and understand if this is the same situation that you are in right now:

6 Signs you should not be seriously involved with anyone for now

You want to explore the options


You are one of those people who wants to have the best person available. You don’t wish to settle for anything less and this is why you would like to be careful about who you let into your life. This is the reason why you date quite frequently and interact as much as you can just so that you find your best fit and then get into an exclusive relationship. You are having enough fun this way which is why falling in deep love is not something that you would like to be seriously involved with for now.


You find it difficult to be genuine


Being in love with someone’s true self is rare these days. Everyone wants to be something that they are not because they fear not being accepted for who they truly are. If you too find it difficult to project yourself sincerely, then it’s always going to be difficult for you to fall in love. This is another huge reason why you are not ready for a serious involvement right now.


Your ex still is a part of you


When you stay in touch with your exes, you will always find it difficult to give yourself in totality to anyone who is trying to fall in love with you. Your ex still rules your thoughts and you find it difficult to distract yourself from what you shared together. Now this is serious because you will find it extremely difficult to move on in life if things continue this way. At least, if your ex is still on your mind even now, then don’t get seriously involved with someone because that is basically unfair to the other person and yourself too.


You haven’t learnt your lessons yet


When you are in a relationship, whether that works in the future or not, you do learn new things about yourself and also those flaws in you too which need some serious changes. Now these changes can be very superficial or just emotional but you do need to work on them so that you get better with time. Even if you were near perfect in the relationship, there will always be something that you should work upon. In case you choose to ignore those workable flaws in future relationships, you will always find things happening as they were before.


Something seems to be off


When it comes to matters of the heart, always listen to your gut. Your intuition will be loud and clear about how you feel and how things might not what be what you want your mind to believe. You may love everything about this person when you are together but does a part of you tell you that there is something beyond what you are seeing that needs your attention? Something that tells you this will not work in the future? This is your instinct trying to guide you. If you feel what I am hinting at, then you are not in the right place to be seriously involved with anyone.


You like being all by yourself


You love your independence. Yes, you love dating new people but that is just another way of boosting your sense of independence and the freedom that you like enjoying. While all the thrill that comes with being around newer people is cool, you just cannot accept someone intruding into your personal space. Now when you are in a relationship, you will tend to end up telling your partner all that you did and what’s going on in your life. You are not fine with that and hence, serious involvement should not be on your mind right now.

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