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6 Worst hair sins women commit

6 Worst hair sins women commit

6 Worst hair sins women commit

The one reason that makes me a pseudo feminist is that I feel obliged to feel jealous of men when it comes to managing hair. It is just so simple for them to manage their short hair and set it up likewise as they want and on the contrary, we women have to juggle and struggle with the hair management game. Urgh!

6 Worst hair sins women commit

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In the hectic course of handling our hair, we women tend to make some really common mistakes that are actually bizarre for our hair and absolutely come under the list of top hair evils according to hair stylists. Today, we list the 6 worst hair sins we women commit.

  • Not Using a Good Shampoo & Conditioner

6 Worst hair sins women commit

This is the most common. We think that any shampoo and conditioner would work for us but that is not true. Every person has their own hair type which requires respective kind of shampoo and conditioner suitable for their hair texture. What we tend to do is that we ignore the substantial importance of shampoos and conditioners in the well-maintenance of our hair. Just for instance, if we take shower at the gym then we do not carry our kit and use whatever is kept in the rack.

  • Tight Pony Obsession

Every girl on this planet loves a tight high end pony tail as it is easy, super quick and gives you a million dollar look. But tying a tight pony tail for hours and hours is not good news for our hair as it leads to severe hair loss by causing breakage and rupturing our hair. We should never tie our hair too tight for a long duration or use a rubber band that sticks to our hair. Instead, we should opt for clips and pins.

  • Incomplete or No Blow Drying

6 Worst hair sins women commit

Wet hair should not be left unattended and should be treated wisely by drying it properly. If you will not blow dry your hair correctly then it will make your hair frizzy leading to a tangled hair situation which is not less than a nightmare turned into reality. Sometimes when we take bath before sleep, we become too lazy to blow dry our hair and that in turns causes a lot of friction in the hair as it constantly gets rubbed against the pillow causing our hair a lot of trouble.

  • Washing Hair Daily

There is a concept that is prevalent amongst us that if we do not wash our hair daily, we leave them unclean. This isn’t true as unlike our bodies our hair does not require cleansing daily. Washing hair on a daily basis makes the hair loose its essential oils which is responsible for keeping it healthy. The heat of the summer season is of course a motivator to this action but we need to remember that it is a hair crime that we are making by washing our locks daily.

  • Using Hair Styling Tools With Maximum Heat

6 Worst hair sins women commit

Another misconception we possess in our minds is that until and unless our hair styling equipment is heated up to the maximum, we won’t get full results. WRONG. Moderately heated tools will also give you the desired results if you are patient. Also, it will protect you from serious hair injuries.

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  • Ditching Workouts

A lot of women do not take up exercising as they believe that their hair will no more look good and will get damaged with sweat. But this actually works vice-versa.  They fail to understand that if they do not incorporate exercising and healthy eating habits; their hair will lose out on its luster and will not look glossy anymore. With some simple hair protection against sweat, women should commence working out in order to keep their hair status healthy and strong.

Keep these warnings in mind and prevent yourself from committing hair crimes in future.


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