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7 Ways to love a Gemini man for a perfect relationship!

7 Ways to love a Gemini man for a perfect relationship!

7 Ways to love a Gemini man!

Geminis are infamous for being fickle. The twins like to indulge in a variety of things that most others cannot relate to. They tend to have mood swings almost every day or maybe every moment. For now, they might be present and for the next moment they might be somewhere else, whether physically or mentally. Respect their free personality and they will never wander far from you. Here are a few deep secrets that you would like to know about a Gemini man so that you can love him better and have a more fulfilling relationship.

7 Ways to love a Gemini man!

What does a Gemini man expect from his lover?


Gemini is an air sign that is always wondering in thoughts. They have a plenty of ideas working on their head and are looking for variety even in the most mundane activities. They crave to experience different things and personalities which keeps their interest alive. You can’t keep them too happy for long doing the same regular stuff. They expect a lover who can be adventurous and stay hungry looking for newer avenues for growth. The fact that they have almost mastered the art of communicating, they will expect you to be ready to converse on just about any topic. They dig lovers who can kiss them like there is no tomorrow. So make sure you have your kissing game on point.


How do they convey their love?


Gemini man is a free bird. You can’t keep him caged for long. Even if their attention span is very low, this doesn’t mean that they don’t love you when they appear lost. They tend to be verbal so they will always like to communicate showing no restraint in what they feel about you. You have to be ready to talk. Shutting them up or disregarding their opinion is something they absolutely hate. Silent treatment will prove to be a disaster with your Gemini man.


Most compatible signs with Gemini:


Sagittarius, Leo, Aries


Most incompatible signs with Gemini:


Taurus, Cancer


How to make them open up to you?


Geminis have a childish nature. If you can nurture their heart with some love and care and spoil them, they are all yours. You Gemini man needs the assurance that even if he wanders in his dreamland and seeks adventure he can still come back to have you waiting with open arms. They also have a tendency to get very upset for no reason whatsoever. They wish to have their partner stand for them when they fall weak.


Outlook towards sex:


A Gemini man is equally adventurous in the bed. He will be ready to explore very contrasting sexual fantasies and won’t complain. They are always open to trying newer positions. Anything that keeps their anticipating is a sure turn on. They are very visual and are very creative when it comes to performance in the bed. However, you might find them being more inclined towards the idea of the act than the act itself.


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Do they have secrets?

7 Ways to love a Gemini man!

They just cannot be secretive. They have no skill in being equally secretive about any affair. They appear confused to other signs who cannot always fathom why do Geminis think the way they think. So, whatever it is that is in their head, they will want to covey that to you. In case they tell you something completely opposite the next moment, don’t get affected for this is how they actually are. They don’t really feel secure at heart with a lover, so you need to be up on your toes to reassure them of what you truly feel for them.


What they cannot tolerate?


A Gemini man has a deep sense of self confidence. They will never be able to fit into your self-constructed image. You either accept them for who they are or just choose to stay away. Trying to mould them on your own terms is a perfect recipe for disaster. If you are in love with a Gemini man, then you have to be able to let them tread their own path without asking too many questions, allow them to have their own space and not really force your conditions on them. If you accuse them and chide them for the littlest issues, they won’t stay back for long. Being an air sign they cannot be compelled to do anything that their heart doesn’t allow. They are their own masters and like to stay that way.


They love spiritual talk


They understand spirituality. If you want to connect with them, you will have to be ready to get involved in deeper spiritual conversations. They love conversations of the mind and the matter alike. They tend to overindulge in occult practices if they do not consciously make the effort to restrain themselves.





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