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7 Ways to make your man fall harder in love each day

7 Ways to make your man fall harder in love each day

7 Ways to make your man fall harder in love each day

What separates a good relationship from a great one is the effort that people put into their relationship each day. Just expressing your love through words every now and then is not enough. Rather you need to be proactive each day to keep the spark alive. If you wish to make your partner stay with you longer and make him fall in love more and more each day, you need to do make your efforts visible. You have to work towards the relationship each day. Here are a few ways in which you can effectively show your affection towards your man and make him fall in love with you again:


Be vocal about your thoughts


Sometimes we take our relationship casually. We feel like everything has already been done and we need not let our partners know what they mean to us. We just like to assume that he knows. However, if you can actually open up about your feelings and reassure him of how much he means to you, he will obviously find it very sweet. Everyone wants to feel important, needed and loved. This is probably the best way to communicate that to him.


Engage in activities that he loves

 7 Ways to make your man fall harder in love each day

When you involve yourself in what he does and what he cherishes or enjoys you show him that his interests matter to you. Try and go out on dates, play a game or even watch his favourite team playing with him; if these things interest him. If he likes you wearing a particular kind of dress then do that or if he enjoys listening to you sing or dance surprise him on a karaoke night at a local pub or bar. There are numerous things that you could do to make him feel special.


Be positive and encourage him to be so


Always have a positive attitude towards life. Remember how lively you were when you first met him? Every little thing invoked a sense on happiness? You will hardly recall yourself being sceptic about life back then. Just because your relationship has aged, that doesn’t mean you’ll forget to infuse fun in the relationship. Even when he is sad and negative about things, show him the positive sides and make sure you are positive as well by laughing away all your worries. Life is actually too short. Enjoy the day you get with each other.


Understand his situation


Not every day is a good day. There will be ups and downs. Pick him up at his worst. Even if that means you face hardships, try and make someone else smile. That gives tremendous satisfaction. Understand why he behaves differently if he does. Understand what’s bothering him and offer help in whichever way possible. He isn’t perfect. In a relationship you are meant to understand that and keep your expectations grounded just so that things maintain their balance.


Express gratitude for what he does

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Sometimes expressing gratitude needn’t be vocal like saying Thank Yous. What you can do appreciate whatever he does for you. No matter how little those efforts might seem, make sure you don’t hurt his sentiments when your demands aren’t met. There are great emotions attached when people make the effort to do something. Don’t deprecate the value of his gestures. When you appreciate, he feels very accepted and would surely do more in the future.


Don’t take sex for granted


If you are someone who hasn’t had sex yet and your partner is fine with that,  then this is not for you. But if you engage in sex, then make sure you keep the spark alive. Entice him everyday. Keep him attracted to you. Show him how much you enjoy your time in the bedroom even if that means living each day as a honeymoon phase. Sex is a basic need. It isn’t a great thing if you deny that to him just because you are used to the person.


Listen to him

Yes as much as you would like to talk and blabber the whole day ,make sure you are not neglecting what he says. When he tells you something, give it all the attention it needs. If there is an exciting g things that he wants to share, show him our excitement too! Let him know how much his sense of happiness means to you. If there is a bad news, then be by his side. Calm him down. Do your bit to support him. Remember not just what you feel is important but also what he prioritises.


Doing these things is not rocket science. It shouldn’t take much effort if your feelings for him are genuine. Just remember what made you fall in love with him and work on showing that to him every day.

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