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8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

You are lying if you say that you don’t like short dresses. Who doesn’t love a short dress? It is the perfect outfit for a party or a date. But do you think everybody can carry a short dress the way it should be carried?

8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

No, right? We often see girls wearing a short dress but being extremely uncomfortable and that kills their look completely. Some are not confident to wear one and some just don’t know how to style it well. Today I am going to help you by giving you awesome tips on things that you should know if you are wearing a short dress.



Many people refrain from wearing a short dress because they do not have the perfectly shaped legs for it. Short dresses look very cute and sexy if the legs are toned and in great shape. But if you think your legs are not fitting for a short dress, you can always wear stocking underneath and carry the dress well. This will help you get rid of the worries, make you feel confident and you will be able to wear all your favorite short dresses.



8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

No matter how pretty and adorable you are looking in your short dress but if you have paired it with the wrong footwear, you have trapped yourself in great trouble. Remember always that you must wear footwear that you are most comfortable in. You will be walking, clicking pictures, dancing and doing a lot of stuff in the party and you do not want to ruin all the fun by wearing heels that you aren’t able to carry. If heels is tough for you to carry, wear flat footwear. If it’s winters then go for boots. They are not just comfortable but extremely stylish too.



Short dresses come with their own stock of risks. One is the epic Marilyn Monroe moment. You can end up in a moment like that anytime and the precaution you need to take is wear boy shorts under your dress. This will help save you from the embarrassment and you will also be able to walk tension free.



8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

If you do not want to show a lot skin, then you should carry a cover up like a shrug along with yourself. If you think you don’t want to keep wearing the short dress for the after party as well, then cover ups are great last minute help. Just pull them out of your hand bag and wear it. Not only do you have a whole new look but you will also be comfortable.



Short dresses demand good postures. You cannot be slouchy and walking like a frog wearing a short dress. You need to maintain the right posture while sitting. Keep your legs crossed and sit like a lady. Sitting with your legs wide opened is your choice of course but if you want your dress to leave a better impact embrace sitting like a lady!




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One of the most important things that many people forget if to moisturize their legs properly. They make all the efforts in getting their hair and makeup done but forget the key factor to keep in mind. You just cannot afford to not moisturize your legs and wear a short dress. Dry and droughty legs are a big turn off, especially while carrying a short dress. Hence, apply a good moisturizer that will stay for a longer duration and also carry it with you, if possible. If you think your legs are getting dry, apply a few drops. You can also use makeup to make your legs look toned.



8 Things to keep in mind while wearing short dresses!

It is not very hard to understand if someone is uncomfortable in what they are wearing. Don’t make it obvious that you do not like your body. Be confident about yourself by respecting how you look. Do not forget that being self-conscious will neither make you enjoy wearing a short dress and nor leave a good impression. If you are not confident, you can try wearing a shapewear inside the dress.



Keep things minimalistic. Don’t get too excited or at least don’t make it evident. Wear a statement necklace or belt with the dress, a decent watch and keep it simple. If the dress is glamorous, let it have all the attention rather than wearing too much accessories and withdrawing the attention form it.


Short dresses are appearing increasingly among all online and offline latest collections and the trend just seems to escalate. If you want to shine in a youthful short dress, then these are the things that you must keep in mind. Short dresses are usually worn during summer season but that fashion is long gone and we see people effortlessly carrying a short dress during winter season by pairing it up with the right stocking and footwear. You too can carry a short dress fluently by sticking to the above mentioned tips.


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