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Choose the right panty – That suits your body

Choose the right panty – That suits your body

When it comes to choosing our panties we generally go for any panty that fits us and is of good material. If you are in the habit of doing this then think again for a wrong panty can equally ruin your look as much as a wrong hairdo. We hardly pay any attention to our body shape but we need to understand that just as we choose a dress according to our body type similarly we need to choose a panty based on our body type. To avoid an embarrassing situation in future read on to know about the various types of panties and how they are suitable to your body type.

  1. Bikini

Bikinis are the ideal beachwear for a woman wishing to show off her perfect body. Compared to a brief it provides less coverage but definitely provides more coverage than the thong. It is ideal for women wearing low cut jeans. Bikini style panties are best suited for women with triangle shaped and hourglass figures. Women with heavier bottoms can however go for high rise bikini panties. Bikini panties are available in both high cut and low cut versions appropriate for women with moderately sized bottoms and flat tummies.

  1. String Bikini

String bikinis are no different from the regular bikinis except that they have strings on the sides. Women with straight body type i.e. having little difference between the shoulders, hips and waist are best suited to wear string panties as this would make women with straight body types look even sexier by adding to the illusion of curves.

  1. Briefs

Briefs are generally preferred by women as it fits one and all and most importantly provides adequate coverage to the rear and crotch area. When choosing a brief look for the right cut and material. Cotton briefs are always comfortable but depending upon your preference you can choose panties in nylon, rayon and polyester material. If you wish to hide your tummy fat then you can wear high-rise briefs and control briefs.

  1. Thong

A thong is a panty that provides coverage to the front area but leaves the rear area uncovered. Women who have the figure and poise to carry off this look should wear thongs. Again women who have cellulite and droopy bottoms should stay away from wearing them. Women can choose from the thongs available such as the G-string and the C-string according to their comfort level.

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  1. Boyshorts

Similar to the boxers, the boyshort is the one worn by women. This low waisted panty fits the crotch comfortably and comes with an elastic waistband. The great thing about boyshorts is that it fits every body type. Do note that if you plan to wear a well-fitted dress then a lacy boyshort would be ideal. A normal boyshort might show underneath your dress and make you look bulky.

Women, now that you know about the different types of panties available in the market you can choose one that fits your body type. Just ensure you choose a panty that fits you snugly and makes you feel sexy.

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