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Being pregnant in twenties – Pros and Cons

Being pregnant in twenties – Pros and Cons

For any woman being pregnant at her 20s would be just the perfect time. This is a very safe period as your body is in prime condition to conceive and has minimum complications even if it is your second issue.


Your chances of being pregnant at 20s:

Huge number of Indian women tends to conceive during their 20s. In general, the chances of you conceiving during your 20s are around 45 percent (this data is obtained by calculating the average annual pregnancy rate per cycle).

Women practicing sex on a regular basis with their partner tends to conceive within a year during their 20s. If you can maintain a healthy body your chances of conceiving within a span of 2 years is 98 percent during early 20s, which may slightly go down to 95 percent towards your late 20s. The chances of unexplained infertility is almost nil during your 20s. Unexplained infertility is a situation where the doctor is unable to find a proper cause for you to not conceive. This is very common for woman above the age of 35 as there is huge decline in the rate of egg formation in your ovary once you are at your mid-30s.


Pros of getting pregnant in twenties

Biologically 20s are the best years of your life to conceive and giving birth to a baby. Your fertility is normally at peak during this stage. Each woman carries about a million of eggs when they are born. By the time, you reach puberty you are left with only 300,000 eggs. Out of these 300,000 eggs, only 400 gets release during all your periods that you may have in your life span.

With time as you get old, the ovary and eggs inside your body also get older and weaker. Just because of this particular reason, you eggs have very little chance of having structural problems or chromosomal abnormalities during your 20s. This kind of structural problems may cause conditions like Down syndrome. About one in every 1500 babies born to mums whose ages are between 20 and 24 may have Down syndrome compared to one in every 700 babies born to mums whose ages are between 35 and 39.

The chances of miscarriage are very low for women during their 20s. Though miscarriage in the early stages is common, the best part is younger age would mean low risk in respect to pregnancy.

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Early 20s is the perfect time to build your career. If you are planning to shift tracks and have a baby it can be tough for you to get on with your career later on. Even after you get back with your career, you would supposedly earn less than any other woman who does not have a baby. Moreover, it might not be the perfect time from the financial aspect as well. Rearing a child can be expensive. During your early 20s when you are trying to shape your career and already have the burden of a house or car loan it might not be the best time.


It is only you who should decide when you are prepared to get pregnant but you must consider the factors that can affect your pregnancy at different ages.

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