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Five Bag types a woman should – or could – own

Five Bag types a woman should – or could – own

Five Bag types every Woman should own

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend forever, but the handbags are also her second best friend. Handbags are used by women on daily basis and are also sometimes switched throughout multiple occasions. This accessory is more than a fashion statement for the woman of today.


Women own many types of bags, but they only use those which are classy and placed at accessible places and the rest are stored away out of sight and even out of mind. To keep things simple for the woman of today, here are the 5 bags to have in your closet for any occasion:


Today, every woman needs a handbag, which is stylish and big enough to carry important papers, magazines, makeup, books, IPod and many more other stuff. Tote is the perfect solution for you for these purposes. It is a bag which you can easily take with you to work. This kind of handbag is available in different classic colors and styles, so women can easily select it according to their choice. It is a bag which looks perfect with any outfit.


Satchel handbag will be your second selection in the handbags that you should own. Satchel has a bigger structure than an all-purpose tote. You can easily use this handbag from desk to dinner. The satchel handbags which are famous nowadays are Vince Camuto Annette Satchel, Evan leopard Satchel and Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Studded Satchel bag. These types of handbags are available in interesting varieties like multiple colors and animal prints.

Casual Cross Body Handbag

The Cross-body handbags are the perfect selection for women who like to go for shopping and site seeing. A cross-body handbag is a must have handbag for women because of its ease and portability to wear it effortlessly. The cross-body bags that a woman should have are Fossil Vintage Revival Flap portfolio Cross body hand bag, Michael Kors Berkley Cross body hand bag and Rebecca Minkoff Mac Bombe Light Gold Cross body hand bag.

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A beautiful clutch is considered to be the perfect hand bag for woman of today, which they can use it when going on a date or dinner with friends. Some women call this hand bag their brunch bag, as it is a bag which they don’t have to carry all day. A beautiful design clutch could be a perfect solution for you if you are going to a party. However, sometimes you will take this bag as an accessory that is easy to carry around.


The weekender handbags are a must have bag type for the women of today, who have a craze of going on trips with friends or loved ones. It is a large bag, which will help you carry almost everything you desire. Some women call this bag their gym bag, diaper bag and sometimes the carry-on bag. This bag has taken the place of purse in the lives of countless women because it allows them to carry more stuff with them during their trips.


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