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Achilles Tendon pain–Tips to control at home

Achilles Tendon pain–Tips to control at home

Achilles tendon could be a source of horrible agony. It usually affects the calf limiting the movement. Achilles tendon torments might be a typical issue; however it can get worse if overlooked.

Thus, in what manner would you be able to treat this affliction? There are various brilliant home cures that can treat the agony viably. Here are some instant home cures for the same.

Castor Oil3543531750_1f4f583610_o

It is a plant-based oil and is utilized for treating various afflictions and issues. The triglyceride in the castor oil has about 90 percent ricin oleic corrosive, an intense calming agent. It is this corrosive in castor oil that soothes the pain and irritation of the Achilles tendon when used to the affected portion.


This yellow miracle is an amazing painkiller due to availability of a property like curcumin in it. Making a thick paste of the turmeric and applying the affected area can definitely provide relief to the pain and swelling.

According to the European Journal of Pharmacology published curcumin fills in as a painkiller and diminishes pain by actuating the opioid framework that is connected to our body’s agony alleviating reaction.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is a powerful cancer prevention agent, it helps in easing the irritation and pain by cleaning up free radicals from the body that cause torment. Its circulatory capacity serves to get rid of the soreness and irritation.

Giving much rest to the affected leg

Achilles tendon wounds actually occur due to constant pressure on the feet. If a person wants the pain to heal then rest is the ultimate healing treatment, rest and staying away from exercises like climbing stairs, running and straining the tendon. Achilles tendon injury takes time to heal and can take days week or even a month.

Soft Massages


Soft and careful massages is always useful, it is better to rub the affected zone as it expands blood flow and reduces the pain. Doing small and simple stretches helps a lot.

Ices rub to heal the pain

Ice is the best way to get rid of any types of pains, ice increases the blood stream accordingly cutting down the pain quickly.

Bandage protection

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Giving the bandage support to any injured feet works best, especially when it is severity a like Achilles tendon. Wearing such a bandage to sleep can give the tendon the tightness.

Pampering the leg with cushioning

It is best recommended to go for protective gears which also helps in the healing process. There is healing shoes available in the market which gives a chance for the Achilles tendon to mend. Silicone heel cushions can come to a lot of help as it decreases the weight on the Achilles tendon.

Give the body an overall coverage with good Sleep

Sleep can give an all-round protection to the calf muscles; it keeps the tendon from contracting and hardening while the body is rest position. The Achilles tendon gets the ideal rest while dozing, making it prone to less pain and in your calf and heel as well.

Refraining from Tobacco

Smoking backs off mending by diminishing the blood supply to the injured tissues. If you want a quick healing then it is better to stay away from tobacco products until the pain goes away.

Above everything from remedies to medicines Achilles tendon will only heal if proper rest is given to the feet, a proper rest works best for any type of injury.

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