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Tarot is a pack of cards that usually looks like a pack of playing cards. These cards have vivid and defined illustrations, scenes or images drawn on them that give the feeling of a certain depiction.

There are total of 78 cards in a tarot deck. Each deck consists of four suits(just as the normal deck of cards), named as cups, swords, wands and pentacles. Under each suit, you have pip cards ranging from ace to ten and four others that are, King, Queen, Knight and page. This makes a total of 56 cards, that are said to form the Minor Arcana. Minor Arcana majorly deals with daily issues of life or let’s say, issues that are not major or lifetime related. However, Major Arcana has 22 cards in total and these are believed to signify a special message, a divine message or something of the real matter.



In the earlier years, around 15th century, these cards were used to play games such as French tarot and Italian tarocchini. It is in the later years that tarot found it’s use and application in occult sciences and mysticism. The images drawn on these cards are archetypal, that means they essentially signify different situations in a human’s life. He or she might experience them once or more in their span of life.



Tarot must not be related to a certain religion or a spiritual approach, especially of the practitioner. They are universal in nature and can be applied to any and everybody around the globe. They are meant to provide guidance and enlightenment about one’s life. Anybody who wishes to seek an answer from these cards, must maintain faith in the worthy and be ready to receive the guidance from the all mighty through these cards. Though many people try and get readings done for fun, anybody who wishes to seek an answer in full faith, is believed to receive so.



One must keep in mind, that tarot usually does not answer the questions that seek answers in yes or no. One must frame the question in a manner to receive the best guidance possible. For example,

Rather than asking,

Will I get a promotion or not?

You must ask,

How should I perceive chances for advancement or progress in my career/job?



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