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Breast cancer – How to prevent and detect

Breast cancer – How to prevent and detect

Breast cancer – How to prevent and detect

Breast cancer is one of the most common disease that women suffer from today. In most cases, it proves to be fatal because it is not detected early. If a woman shows a little awareness towards her health, simple and easy steps can decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer – How to prevent and detect

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In India, there is very less awareness on breast cancer. We need to learn more about it and be aware of it so that it can be caught and cured in an early stage. Some little changes in lifestyle and being a bit cautious can help a woman prevent breast cancer. Here are some tips to follow.


Try to be fit

After menopause, cancer is very threatening for a woman though, it is now becoming common in young women too. In addition to your age, if you are overweight or obese you run a higher risk of getting breast cancer. Take help of a fitness expert to find out your BMI (Body Mass Index). Eat healthy and do exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Weight gain can increase the risk of breast cancer in woman at the post-menopause age.


Stay active

Breast cancer – How to prevent and detect

Even, if your weight is good according to your height, age and sex, you need to remain active to decrease the chances of getting this disease. Exercise is necessary to increase the immunity of body which helps you to prevent the disease. Women who are active and exercise regularly, have ten to thirty percent less chance of getting the disease. Exercising does not mean going to gym or workouts that are strenuous. A walk for half an hour can do a lot good to your body.


Eat right kind of foods

Some foods can help you prevent breast cancer. Foods that are rich in antioxidants and other vital nutrients can wave off the risk of this disease. Foods like fish, berries, pulses, pomegranates etc. shall be included in regular diet.



Breastfeeding is always advised for the excellent benefits it brings to the baby and the mother too. Now, one more great reason that will make you consider breastfeeding your baby is its importance in reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is proven that the women who breastfeed their babies for longer time run a lower risk of breast cancer. Breastfeeding hinders the production of Estrogen in body that is associated with increasing the risk of breast cancer.


Say no to alcohol and smoking

Breast cancer – How to prevent and detect

If you are an occasional drinker of alcohol, it will not harm you but if you take it in large quantities or at regular basis, it can increase the Estrogen level and increase the risk of breast cancer. Smoking also can make you a victim of breast cancer. Those who have a family history of breast cancer should keep themselves completely away from alcohol and smoking.

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Learn to recognise the symptoms of Breast Cancer

If you stay a little aware of how your breast feels and looks, you may detect breast cancer in its early stage. Look yourself in mirror closely and feel your breasts at regular intervals. If you find any unusual changes like lumps or a great change in the colour of the areola, make an appointment with the doctor and talk about this and go through tests for detecting breast cancer.

The most important thing to know about breast cancer is that it is curable in its early stages but once it has progressed, it can be fatal. So be aware and make others aware of its symptoms and prevention methods too.



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