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Breathing – Three Mediation Exercises

Breathing – Three Mediation Exercises

Breathing - Three Mediation Exercises

Breathing - Three Mediation Exercises

While coming to relaxation exercises you have to achieve a state of relaxation, due to calm the mind and body. Primarily the meditation exercises are used to increase the concentration on attention and mindfulness. In the meditation it is usually important to participate, focusing in a state of “suppleness” on certain (thought) images sounds / noises and / or smells.

A good way to support the mediation is to have quietly music on. For example samples of the sound from the rainforest.


1 Fill up the energy

Breathe several times deeply. Imagine everytime during inhalation before the air enters that at the same time a burst of energy flows through the body. Close your eyes and feel how the energy reaches the individual parts of the body – the ears, the eyes, the nose, the forehead, the chin, the neck, the shoulders, the torso, the arms, the legs, the feet and toes at the very end.
The visualized energy flows always in the relevant part of the body, when you breathe deeply.


2  Conscious Breathing

Breathing - Three Mediation Exercises

During meditating you should rather quietly breathe in and out. It works properly if you do a break after a slow inhalation followed – only then you breathe out calmly.

If you want, you can imagine by inhalation, that you attract a certain property in itself, for example, harmony, peace, tranquility or joy. When breathing out the bad feelings left the body, such as hatred, anxiety, sorrow, pain and stress.


3 Earth Meditation

Sit back and relax – solve your thoughts.
Imagine that you are surrounded by moist soil. You breath the heavy smell and feel the true earth on your skin.
Breathe in and out deeply. With every breath you take the earth deep into your body. Do this for so long, until a feeling of heaviness.
As you exhale, give the “earth” back to the environment and feel free and unencumbered..

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You can do the exercise, whenever you feel stressed or not ready to gi to bed or just during your break  at the job.



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