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Defining your fashion – your own signature style

Defining your fashion – your own signature style

Defining Your Signature Style

Instead of blindly following the fashion drifts, how about creating a signature style of your own? It may seem puzzling and difficult to have a personalized style but once you are on the right track, you will be blushing with the compliments from people around you. Signature style makes you stand out fashionably. Having a personalized fashion sense empowers you; it gives you the confidence to experiment with your looks in a unique way.

Identify your fashion muse: First step is to identify your fashion muse, be it a Bollywood actress or a model. We all have fashion icons. In case you admire more than one style diva, it is even better. Take inspiration from your favorite fashion people to develop a personalized style. Make a list of different genres of fashion you ardently admire and filter out the ones you really want to try.

Choose the brands wisely: Next step is to shop from brands that are trendy, affordable and always offer you something classy. There are many online shopping stores offering you variety of eastern and western wear. Pick up two or three cool brands. Do not prefer pricey brands, instead look out for ones that offer exclusivity be it fabric colors or cuts.

Accessories are very important: Your signature look is incomplete without a pair of stunning shoes and an eye catchy hand or shoulder bag. If you like huge bags, get three or four colors that compliment most of the outfits. Black, Brown, White and other neutral colors should be preferred. Funky colors can be picked up depending on your choice. Buy shoes that you feel comfortable in and look good with your clothing style. Don’t go for one kind of shoes, wear chappals, heels, stilettos, wedges and pumps with different outfits.

Jewelry and Makeup: You should know what kind of makeup suits you the best. Do not over do your makeup and hair instead pick the style that defines you. If ponytail is your signature hairstyle, have a look at latest ponytail styling techniques. Same goes for makeup, if dark lipsticks suit you, try on latest shades. While selecting jewelry, prefer your individual taste. Wear a ring or pendant that unmistakably defines you.

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Making the best of your strengths: If a certain color or cut suits you, wear it no matter it is in fashion or not. Prefer the clothes that compliment your figure, it does not matter if the fabric is outdated or the cut you are wearing is no longer popular. Just wear what looks good on you and get flattered to see others following your lead. If you like sunglasses, pick up the two or three pairs that suit you the most.

Know to groom yourself: You do not need a fashion expert or advice always to look your best self. You know your hair, skin and body better than anyone. So you can groom yourself without much effort. Cleanse your skin daily, take good care of your hair, hands and feet.

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