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Having a second child: Why is it important?

Having a second child: Why is it important?

Having a second child: Why is it important?

Having a second child: Why is it important?

India is a country where, for the most part, women are considered to be baby popping machines. They get married in their early twenties and most in-laws suddenly have the fear of death in them. They feel old and think that they should spend their last meaningful years playing with their grandchildren. This puts a lot of pressure on the marriage. Having a baby is not an easy decision. The couple needs to be prepared to welcome another human being in their lives and more often than not sacrifice their sex life as well. This is a tough decision for couples to make. But, in India the parents have no trouble making that decision for the couple.


The baby is welcomed and your life literally turns upside down. Maintaining a career seemed doable before but, is next to impossible with a new born baby. The baby just seems to want to eat sleep eat and repeat. Your private time with your husband is almost always interrupted by a screaming baby. Tensions are high, couples tend to start fighting more. Since you spend all your time taking care of the baby, you have no time for yourself and that reflects on the marriage as well.


In such a scenario taking care of another baby seems like a totally insane idea. But, here is why it is not.

Having a second child: Why is it important?


Once you have spent a lot of time taking care of the first baby, when the second baby comes you are as good as a professional at handling baby business. After all practice does make perfect. Your baby no.2 will be a much more refined experience as, you will not make the same mistakes you made the first time.



Having a second baby means having double duties which are almost impossible for a mother to handle alone. The father too would realize this and ideally lend a helping hand at home as well. This gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family, without the added stress of doing everything yourself. Since you will have two kids now, spending time at home would seem like family time. You can watch a movie together and share your house duties with your husband. It can be something as simple as picking up groceries or making a sandwich for the kids.



If you have waited a few years between having kids, your first born would be at an age where he is able to take care of his basic business. Not only that, he will be able to help you with the second baby too. You will have a little helper with you to watch the baby. Baby no.2 will be someone baby no. 1 can play with thus, ending the first born’s constant need for your attention.

Having a second child: Why is it important?


After a few years when both the kids are in school, it would not seem like such a struggle. You both will get more time for yourselves and be able to reconnect again. Having a second child and parenting brings parents together as, they need to make decisions for the child’s future together. You will be doing better financially as well since, your career would’ve progressed helping you deal with your finances in an easier manner.

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Having a second baby is a tough decision but it may be what you need to reconnect as a family. A SECOND CHILD IS THE BEST GIFT A PARENT CAN GIVE TO THE FIRST CHILD!



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