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Five most common makeup blunders

Five most common makeup blunders

Five most common makeup blunders

There are some essentials of a balanced make up. You add or miss out a single thing and bang… Your whole look is spoiled. Makeup is done to accentuate your beauty it should not make you look weird. There are some common makeup mistakes that many of us make unintentionally. Here is a list of five makeup blunders that you should avoid in order to look your best.

Choosing an ultra-light base: A base is used to tone up your complexion. It certainly should not be used to add fairness to the skin tone. A lighter base can ruin your look. Always use a base matching your skin tone. A base that is blended perfectly and is according to your skin tone will give you desirable results. Never use a light base to look bright, also do not use large quantity. Buy a base after testing on your jawline. The base that complements your skin color should be preferred.

Messy Eye-liner: Applying the right stroke of eye-liner is a daunting task for many of us. However, you need to make the liner as better looking as you can. Leaving visible gaps or applying unequal lines can turn out to be a real blunder. So take your time for applying fine strokes of eye-liner. Make sure to keep the liner line quite close to the lash line for excellent results. Prefer black and brown eye-liners instead of colored ones. If you have bigger eyes, use a thin line, women with small eyes should go for thick winged line look.

messy eye leiner

Leaving the eye-shadow un-merged: Many of us just leave the eye shadow lines applied unmerged. Not blending the eye-shadows significantly gives your eye makeup a cluttered appearance. Your eyes can look like cup cakes with multi-colored cream tops. To avoid such a fashion disaster, merge the eye shadows completely. A nicely blended eye shadow makes your eyes look more attractive. Do not use overly glittery shades, prefer cream eye-shadows instead in brown and beige tones.

Applying the blush rightly: Blush should always be applied at the upper part of the cheek and needs to be blended well. Cream blushes are easier to apply and give better results. So whether you are using your hands or brush for application, make sure to do it in the right direction without making the blush too noticeable. Baby-pink, peach and coral are likable shade options for blush. Avoid using brighter shades, they look equally bad on all sorts of skin complexions.

Applying a wrong lip-liner: A lip-liner that does not match your lipstick is likely to spoil your look. Use a light-shaded lip-liner for shaping up your lips. A dark lip-liner can be used with dark lipsticks. It is a common and widely repeated make up blunder to apply dark lip-liner with a light lip color. It might seem a trivial thing but it is likely to make you look aged. So avoid using a red or dark pink lip liner with a soft lip color.

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