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Doctor’s visit during pregnancy – What to know?

Doctor’s visit during pregnancy – What to know?

It is very important that you stay well prepared before your doctor’s appointment so that you can make the best use of the time you spend with the doctor and also the money you spend on the visit.

Invest a little time in order to get the best out of your doctor’s appointment.

Doctor’s visit during pregnancy – What to knowWhat all needs to be done before the doctor’s appointment?

  • Maintain personal hygiene: Take a shower before your doctor’ appointment and wear loose fitting clothes that can be easily taken off if required during physical examination.


  • Take your medical records: This is something that is very important as your medical records would serve as reference points for your doctor. Arrange them chronologically in a folder and carry them along with you.


  • Wear something that is comfortable: In many cases, you might have to wait for longer time in the queue even when you have an appointment. Hence, it always better to wear something that is comfortable. You can opt for loose tops, kurtas and similar kind of clothing.


  • Take some snacks and beverages: Carry a fruit or something else that is healthy, just in case you feel hungry while waiting for your turn. If its summer, make sure to carry water and if you go to the cafeteria to get something, ask the receptionist if she can call you on your mobile, so that you do not miss your turn.


  • Carry some entertainment: Carry a book or magazine so that you can pass your time. Listening to music is also a good pastime. And if you have your other child accompanying you, then carry their books and crayons, so that they are not bored.


How to mentally prepare for doctor’s visit?


  • Research: Read books and research in the internet about any issue that is bothering you. This would help you to understand what the doctor tells you and you can also ask him questions.


  • Make a list of questions: Think about everything that is affecting your health and take a piece of paper and write down everything. The most important questions should be at the beginning and ask as many questions as you can when you meet the doctor.


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What can be done to make the experience an emotionally good one?

  • Ask someone to accompany you: It always feels better when you have someone you trust when you visit a doctor. It can be your husband, sister, mother or even a close friend. If you want to talk to the doctor about any intimate concern, then make sure of taking someone you would mind sharing these details.


  • Be frank and honest: Be honest and frank with your doctor. Honest answers regarding your medical history, lifestyle as in respect to drugs and alcohol intake, exercise routine, eating habits and everything else would help you doctor to offer you the right treatment.


  • Address all issues: Make sure that you tell your doctor everything even if you feel embarrassed about anything like mood swings, physical discomfort and everything else.


All these would help you have stress-free and healthy pregnancy.

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