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How to find out-Does my baby like me

How to find out-Does my baby like me

As parents, we have often wondered whether our babies really understand and appreciate the lullabies that we sing or the one-sided conversations that we have with them. For unlike our bosses, our babies do not fill out performance sheets to tell us whether we are performing our duties well or not. But if you manage to understand baby language, you will realize that your baby not only appreciates your efforts but also loves you for it.


  1. Makes eye contact

Babies cannot see far, but even with a developing eyesight babies try to orient themselves towards the parent’s face and make a note of the prominent features of the face such as the eyes, nose and mouth. When your baby establishes eye contact with you, it means he is interested in you and likes you enough to give you his undisputed attention.

  1. Cooing and laughing

Around the time your baby turns two months, you will find that he is beginning to make cooing and babbling sounds. When your respond in a similar manner you find that he babbles even more. This is the way your baby starts a conversation with you and a very good sign that shows his love for you.

  1. Melting in your arms

Ever noticed how a parent is able to soothe and comfort a crying baby. Well, that is the ultimate and the biggest sign which a baby gives of loving his parents, at a time when they are not able to express themselves in words. The way a baby is comforted in its mother’s arms speaks a thousand words. Certain babies though are not that easily comforted in their mother’s arm. But that doesn’t mean that your baby doesn’t like you. It simply means that you need to give your baby some time to find his comfort level.

  1. Separation anxiety

Somewhere around 1 yr of age and upwards, you will have to leave your baby at the daycare or at their granny’s place. Your baby will cry bucketful of tears and create a din but be rest assured that he will settle down easily after you leave. There is a silver lining to all this crying though as this crying on your baby’s part signifies his immense love for you.

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  1. Checking on you

Once your baby begins crawling, you will find them all over the place and even in places where you do not want them to be. But have you noticed how often they crawl back to you. When faced with an unfamiliar thing, haven’t you noticed them looking towards you for reassurance? This might look like a sign of insecurity but actually represents your baby’s attachment for you. For them, you represent safety and security and thus they come back to you again and again whenever they need reassurance.

One question which keeps bothering new parents is whether their babies love them or not but babies with gestures, behaviors and actions give sufficient indications of their feelings for their parents.

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