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How to Know if He’s the One for You?

How to Know if He’s the One for You?

he's the one

Very few people in this world find out what love truly means. If you are lucky you will fall in love many times. Why lucky? Because each time you will know what you want and what you don’t. And this journey will take you to your soulmate. But unlike what the cinema has you believe, the moon won’t appear bigger when you meet him. It will take time before you realize he is the one. Even then, chances are you won’t be sure of your deduction. So, how do you know if he is the one? I have some tips and signs to share that will help you through this dilemma!

he's the one

He’s Always Telling Everyone How Lucky He Is!

Sure, he might mind a few things you do. Occasionally you both fight over things. But he always brags about you. He never makes you feel that you are not good enough. Instead, he basks in the glory of your success. He is always telling his friends what a perfect woman you are. If his friends have a high opinion of you, then it means he genuinely thinks that about you. Now, that’s a guy you don’t want to lose.

He’s Your Secret Keeper

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. So long as you can’t trust the man you are with, he cannot be the one. Loyalty is one way to measure trust. But it speaks more about his character than it does about your relationship. If you never shy away from sharing anything with him, then that is a sacred bond. I have been in relationships where this was never there. I either didn’t feel it necessary to share anything with him. Or didn’t feel comfortable with him knowing everything about me. You could be uncomfortable sharing secrets with people in general. But your soulmate will be the one person who you will always feel comfortable talking to.

You Are His Team Member and Not a Damsel in Distress

Whenever he does something for you it isn’t a favor it’s because he loves you. Women often feel comfortable with both. But if you are trying to go for the long haul with this man, then the difference is important. If he makes you feel like you are inadequate without him then he does favors for you. On the other hand, a man who genuinely loves you would never think twice before or after helping you out. This is because he thinks of you as his equal. He knows you would do the same for him. So, he doesn’t need to feel all mighty about what he did.

You Aren’t the Only One Who Makes Sacrifices

 sacrifices in a relationship

 In our society, men are raised with the understanding that they are the providers. So, naturally, they hold dear the belief that their lives and jobs are more important. This often leads to the woman making all the sacrifices with regard to everything. Be it giving up your job, the time you spend with your friends, your promotion, your freedom to see your parents at your will. Everything becomes subject to their partner’s wish. But for an independent millennial woman, that is unacceptable. So, will it be for the man who is the one for you? He will give equal importance to your life. You will never feel like you are doing more than he is. And if you do, he will make up for it. You will want to make sacrifices for him. Not because you have to, but because he does too.

You Share the Same Values

These days, people even consider political alignments before dating someone. True love doesn’t care whether you are a liberal or a conservative. But that doesn’t mean that you can be with someone who is at the polar end of all that you stand for. When thinking about the man you want to spend the rest of your life with, some core values matter. Things like how you manage your finances. Or the kind of relations you have with your family. If the two of you have almost similar beliefs in matters of consequence then you are meant to be together. Life will be so much easier when you have fewer things to disagree on.

You Don’t Need to Be Joined at the Hip

Ever felt uncomfortable around cheesy couples? If you are one of them, know that people feel uncomfortable around you. The fact that they are always together only shows their insecurity. It isn’t loving, its plain insecurity staring them right in the face. But if you can trust your man when he’s away from you then that is a big deal. This isn’t limited to trust alone. It’s also about accepting that you can’t always enjoy each other’s hobbies. And being okay with that. This kind of an acceptance shows maturity in relationships. If you feel that comfortable around him, then he is the right one for you.

You Can See a Future with Him

Ever imagined a future and seen him in it? This doesn’t count your conscious efforts of picturing him with you. It just happens all on its own. But how to know if he is the one to marry? If you believe in marriages, then it’s his face you see at the end of the aisle. If you are against marriages, then this is the man you want to grow old with. This isn’t just about the wedding either though. You feel like he is the man who will be by your side till the end of time. That is the kind of strength of belief you need to know if he truly is your soulmate.

He Makes You Better

 signs that he loves me

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 This is a tough one. In the sense that you have to feel to believe it. There are people who inculcate negativity in us. You must have met at least one person like that in your life. Who made you feel miserable about yourself. But here is this man, in whose presence you feel like you are making progress. But this isn’t betterment arising from negative motivation. It’s evolving through love. He lets you be who you are but also serves as your guide. With him, you can achieve your fullest potential. Not only in the things that count, like a job and social status. But also, as a human being. If you feel more at peace around him, know that he is the one.

He Is A Walking Encyclopaedia on You

Not every man is good at remembering the finer details about a woman. As a matter of fact, you don’t need men like that. Facto-phile. Anyone can learn facts like your favorite color or movie or actor. It’s the more important things. Things like what makes you cheer up no matter what. Words that will comfort you when you are facing failure. What your relationship with your mom is like. Why you read only one genre of books and not the other. He knows you. He might not remember your anniversary. But he knows the perfect gift for you. He knows you better than even you know yourself.


Love is about these small gestures. It isn’t about throwing grand parties in your honor or showering you with gifts and compliments. It’s about the life that you can live every day without once feeling the need to take a break. And even if you do need a break, you know that it’s the routine and not him. If you have found “The One” for yourself, don’t waste time thinking. Take his hand and walk into the future, with confidence.


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