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If your man has these 9 habits, accept his marriage proposal

If your man has these 9 habits, accept his marriage proposal

If your man has these 9 habits, accept his marriage proposal

Has your man proposed to you recently? Are you still wondering if he likes you enough? Often it can be difficult to understand if the man you are dating is marriage material. Marriage decisions can be overwhelming. It is stressful given the fact that your whole life depends on the decisions that you will make. What might seem great at the onset might turn out to be completely different after marriage. To make sure you have landed with the right man, here are a few habits that you need to check in your man.  You must be really lucky if he does these things with you and make no mistake in letting him go.

If your man has these 9 habits, accept his marriage proposal

Your likes are on his finger tips


He makes every serious effort to know what you like. He wants to care for you and nurture you. You don’t need to rant about your likes again and again. He just knows them by heart. This shows that he considers you important enough to give you the attention that you deserve.


He keeps you informed


It is important that you know what he is doing and where he is. If your man is serious marriage material, he will let you know about his whereabouts. He doesn’t do that out of compulsion but take this as something is does it out of choice, possibly to steal a moment to check in on you. He doesn’t do this for policing on you nor is it because he is insecure. He just wants to give you that peace of mind knowing that you would be worried unnecessarily worried when you don’t hear from him for long.


He cares a lot about you

If your man has these 9 habits, accept his marriage proposal

When you fall sick, he turns paranoid. He wants to see you in the pink of health, not the physical but also mental. You’ll find him running errands to make your life easier. He will cook for you and feed you if necessary. When you are busy and you forget to eat, he will send you these reminders. You are awestruck at his want to provide for you. In short, you have hit a gold mine, the perfect marriage material.


He respond to your calls and texts


He makes it a point to get back to you as soon as he is done with his work. Even if he has a hectic schedule, he will not go missing for days without any information. You will never be stood up if you had plans with him. Getting back to you is his priority so he makes the effort to be reliable. He values your time won’t treat you like he is doing you a favour.


He doesn’t drag the past


Messing around with your past is not in his DNA. He treats it like your past rather than taunting you over it. He is concerned about his present with you. He won’t make you insecure by staying in touch with is exes. He respects your emotions and is empathetic to your state. By creating a trustful space, he makes it easier for you to share everything with him.


He pampers you often

If your man has these 9 habits, accept his marriage proposal

He makes it a point to make you feel like a princess. He pampers you with the things you like. If he knows that you are into makeup, he gets you your favourite products. He remembers important dates with you and surprises you with celebrations. He sings for you and may even put you off to sleep with your favourite bed time stories and lullaby.


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He is courteous to all


You love the way he treats people who cannot do anything for him in return. He tips the waiters at a restaurant and treats homeless children. Everyone who knows him, loves his presence. His goodwill is intact and his ethics in place always. Understand that if he is so nice to strangers, he will always be nice to you. He will respect you as an individual and not the background that you come from.


He finds you the most beautiful woman


Spellbound is the word when he looks at you. He adores every inch of you and finds you the most perfect woman. He can’t get enough of how pretty you look no matter what you wear. He is the least bit judgemental about the brand of clothes that you wear. You have noticed him stealing glances to admire you.


He accepts you at your worst


He understands that none of you are perfect. So he makes the effort to love you at your worst just as he loves you at your best. He listens to all your rants about how hard your boss had been on you or how someone you know has backstabbed you. Even if he doesn’t agree with you, he still makes it a point to be sensitive to you.



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