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Thick and Long Eye Lashes – A Guide to All Options

Thick and Long Eye Lashes – A Guide to All Options

Getting Thick and Long Eye Lashes – A Guide to All Possible Options 

Beauty lies in the eyes of a person. If taken literally, you should spend a lot of time in eye makeup so that your appearance becomes beautiful before others. Eye makeup is not just applying eye shadow or eye liners – eye lashes are important too. If you naturally have beautiful and prominent eye lashes, you are truly a lucky person then. If you do not have perfect eye lashes, nothing to feel sad though, as with a few simple tricks you can attain beautiful eye lashes. So, get ready for a true diva look by exhibiting wonderful eye lashes.

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Artificial Eye Lashes

Who says that artificial things do not look natural? In this case, artificial eye lashes serve the purposes with accuracy. If you do not have perfect eye lash, then enhance your look with artificial ones. From natural looking eye lashes to colored eye lashes – you will get ample of options, when you make an attempt of buying artificial eye lashes. So, now the big deal is how to use the artificial eye lashes? Are they safe for eyes? What safety measures are needed to be taken? Well, befitting answers to these questions in the following portion of this piece of writing:

  • Before applying false eye lashes, it is important to check whether the strip of artificial lash fits the length of your original lash line or not. If it is a misfit, it would look like a fashion disaster.
  • For keeping artificial eye lashes for long time, adhesive or glue is used. The adhesive should be natural and clinically tested so that your eyes do not acquire any infections.
  • After you have put on the artificial lashes, a gentle coat of mascara would further enhance the beauty of your eyes. Mascara also brings in natural look as well.
  • Safety tip: Do not sleep while putting the artificial lashes on your eyes. Always put them off before you go to sleep.

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The Magical Touch of Mascara

The easiest as well as the quickest way of getting fuller eye lashes is using mascara. Various kinds of mascara products are available in the marketplace and different product features different kinds of results. Advanced as well as expensive products offer thicker eye lashes and eye friendly materials. Some of the mascara products come with vitamin E, which is good for our eyes and skin around our eyes. To get the best results through mascara, always consider applying two coats instead of single coat.

Using Eyelash Extension – Long Term Solution

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Applying mascara or artificial eye lashes everyday is pretty boring job. If you want an alternative as well as long term solution, then eyelash extension is a perfect option for you. Eyelash extensions give your eyes fuller look and the results stay for at least 7 to 10 days.


Permanent Eye Curling

If you want thick, curvy and beautiful eye lashes, then go for permanent eye curling. It is a long term solution and thus you do not have to undergo applying artificial eye lashes on daily basis.

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