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Work as a fashion stylist – 7 points rulebook

Work as a fashion stylist – 7 points rulebook

Have you ever thought as to how our celebrities look so perfect all the time every time they step out of their homes? It is true that they might have an awesome sense of style but the actual work of putting this style together has been done by the stylist who silently works behind the scenes to get the look right. Some rules to become a successful stylist are given below:

  1. Learn the Basics

To be a successful stylist you need to start from the basics and learn everything there is to know about fabrics, silhouettes, body types and brands. Once you know about the basics of your trade you can then start your career on a solid foundation.

  1. Attend Fashion Events

For a stylist, it is necessary that they attend fashion events and award shows regularly. This is not meant for showing off but actually serves as an important learning experience. Attending these events will give you an idea of the latest trends prevalent in the industry. It will also give you the opportunity to meet the who is who of the industry thus improving your networking skills.

  1. Work under a Stylist

Working under a stylist will help you in learning the ropes of the trade. It will give you the necessary experience which will give you the edge you require. A well-established stylist will be able to impart essential and inside information about the glamor industry which is going to give your career a boost.

  1. Know about the Latest trends

Fashion is constantly evolving and changing with the times. If you are working in the fashion industry, it makes sense to be knowledgeable about the top brands of the industry. As a stylist you always need to stay updated about the latest trends and the current rages sweeping the red carpets. A stylist with outdated ideas is shown the door sooner or later.

  1. Select your Niche

Would you like to specialize in red carpet events or just casual chic? Just as in other fields, even the world of fashion has several niches devoted to it. Choose a niche where you want to specialize and then work on mastering the techniques of that particular niche.

  1. Know your Brands and Designers

As a stylist you have to coordinate with various other people to get the right look for your client. Know from where you are getting the products, which designer you are dealing with and what brands you are using. It is very important that you be to on good terms with your suppliers so that you are assured of good quality products from their side.

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  1. Consider your Client’s Body

Know what is right for your client by considering their body type, their figure, and their complexion and then choose the appropriate costume for them. Simply going with the flow will be no good if your client’s body doesn’t agree with the costume.

Being a fashion stylist requires immense dedication on your part and a great eye for detail. We are sure these tips will help you in succeed in your profession to a large extent.


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